Fillion dating

Fillion began dating Canadian on-screen character Kate Luyben in the early long periods of 2010. Their relationship came into the open eye amidst the year when they were seen together at the San Diego Comic-Con occasion in July. In any case, their relationship did not keep going long, and they chose to go separate ways in the wake of dating for ... Nathan Fillion’s girlfriend is Krista Allen. They started dating in 2015. Nathan had at least 7 relationship in the past. Nathan Fillion has been engaged to Mikaela Hoover (2013 – 2014), Christina Ochoa (2014) and Vanessa Marcil (1996). Nathan Fillion's Past Romances. The list of Fillion's ex-lovers is long, to say the least. Two of those associations came close, and yet none managed to secure the spot of being Nathan's wife. Vanessa Marcil and Nathan Fillion dated for eight months after getting together in May 1995. Source: Pinterest. The first on this list is Vanessa Marcil ... Who is Nathan Fillion dating? Nathan Fillion is currently dating Krista Allen. The couple started dating in 2015 and have been together for around 4 years, 11 months, and 9 days. The Canadian TV Actor was born in Edmonton, Canada on March 27, 1971. Accomplished TV actor known for his role as the lead character Richard Castle on the ABC TV show ... According to our records, Nathan Fillion is possibly single. Relationships. Nathan Fillion has been engaged to Mikaela Hoover (2013 - 2014), Christina Ochoa (2014) and Vanessa Marcil (1996). Nathan Fillion has been in relationships with Krista Allen (2015), Kate Luyben (2010 - 2011), Perrey Reeves (2004 - 2009) and Felicia Day. Fillion is pretty famous for being well-liked by everyone he’s worked with. S. says: May 18, 2020 at 8:46 AM A) No one is required to be social media buddies with their co-workers, William. B ... Following their divorce she began dating Nathan Fillion. According to our records, she has 1 children. Krista Allen’s boyfriend Nathan Fillion. Krista Allen’s boyfriend is Nathan Fillion. Nathan Fillion was born in Edmonton, Canada and is currently 49 years old. She is a Canadian TV Actor. The couple started dating in 2015. Yes, Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion are dating. They have been dating since October 2012. I do not know the date but I do know that they are dating in real life. As a matter of fact Stana Katic posted it on twitter, to some fan that had asked her. Anyway yes they are official dating since then. Nathan Fillion is an unmarried man but he is dating an American girlfriend, Krista Allen. She is famous for her work in the television series such as Days of Our Lives, and Baywatch Hawaii, and in the Hollywood films Liar Liar, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Anger Management , and other many more. In 2010, Fillion started dating Canadian actress Kate Luyben (born on June 30, 1972) who is currently in a relationship with Jim Jefferis. They were spotted together at the San Diego Comic-Con occasion. However, the duo couldn’t hold their love life and eventually separated after a year.

S04E21 Super Official Discussion

2020.09.22 19:10 TSLPDustin S04E21 Super Official Discussion

Disclaimer: This is an official discussion thread. Spoilers will remain untagged. If you have not seen the film or listened to our episode, we highly recommend you refrain from continuing until you’ve done so. Please report broken links or out of date information.
Title: Super
Year: 2010
Synopsis: After his wife falls under the influence of a drug dealer, an everyday guy transforms himself into Crimson Bolt, a superhero with the best intentions, but lacking in heroic skills.
Director(s): James Gunn
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Page: Super
IMDb Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (73,758 votes)
IMDb Page: Super
Where to Watch: Amazon YouTube iTunes
Our Episode: Click here to listen on iTunes
Clue for Next Week’s Episode: “Jesus Christ, it’s our 100th episode. It’s quite a revelation; you can’t deny it. Holy shit, God help us. It’s almost like a resurrection of the show. It’s a new era for us; like a new testament.”
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2020.07.18 15:32 baron7755 Nothing is as cool as Nathan Fillion in jean shorts and roller blades! No exact date, but context is late 80s/early 90s

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2020.07.09 12:22 YourOwnBiggestFan I decided to make a text mixing bot write The Who songs.

So I fed the bot Who lyrics, and here is what it came up with.

The 60s single ("Lies, lies, lies, lies"):

Magic in my day in mud
I'm not to get it.
The dirty life something to say 'nothings in my eyes like,
A few of having so good dog's trousehold
(can't explain trap number in and cold you see the east,
and I ain't you all f-fade away)
Magic in my generation
The temple'
But throught the little trust take up in the east, any amusement Jack to driver, for him
In and I could beforecast washinings only I can we
me little trust in my day think you've been deaf, dumb and cold my Magic Bus)
To laugh at take this back dated
Look advantage of the way
Never want to
To laugh at take the each day it me what nighton
I must dog's trousers
It's a green
Ride my little tried and come holding in this is shing like,
A kiss and I told
you smile ther catch me, now don't better, baby on baby, 'cause we gems
And he would never want me with a
poke for gin
Substitute form, lovely you'll f-fade away (too much pain, too much, Magic in my way
your lies, lies, lies
lies, lies, lies, lies
Lies, lies, lies, lies
Lies, lies, lies, lies
Lies, lies, lies, lies
Lies, lies, lies, lies
Lies, lies, lies, lies
Lies, lies, lies, lies
Lies, lies, lies, lies
Lies, lies, lies, lies
Lies, lies, lies
Heels are home home home on baby
Why do you, sorry baby
The Eiffel Tower another guys and to wear day inch wide of having like,
A kiss and I'm as me, now we're a substitute fore
Messiahs pointer, baby on him
Substitute for somethings taking me crazy flipper from Soho dollar
ticket on clear day it out of Man
The dust in my strong
I can see,
So all
From Soho dollar tickets in my faced easy
Well, maybe that girl
That's a dog's the guts to my girl but my girl but I choose
I can see for somethink you've got to see are makes me,
With all the last
I was can see my in mud
I'm as me reckon sun.

The 70s single (Feel Me, Feel Me):

To you wears
Fly out about one
Take in the ain't fooled again
Out of trouble
Son, tell my come
What I guess you?
Why she's playing evil
Put you to the sky
Only leaving peeling clock
Rock were I'm so in at make it just as the along
That I guess you!

Nothing wrong, we're slip kids doin' low behind to get the rain on ange all my confetting
But the damn streak of all wrong
Pretty girl I used to find you?
I woke up in the like this inside
If your face
Or is vengeance yesterday
Eleven a solutions"
Ooh, it open together why

I have a dollar
Won't make in Hong
We don't getting
Everything story

on my feel show it just as the flown
Back and join the fences
But you'll get opinion
I'm crack as fast was I all try
to the music
In the fences
But I guess you, you
learn a fooled again, only quiet plane
We travels on
Sit in any different to the hypnotized never betrays preaching peelin' punchest
And I cry
I get to seemed to hat the money's a hard, tellin' in the said you!

Not values bad vibes like I really bored
On clock
Rock were left my hate men who, why
I woke up in the right is here
Investigating from treet
'Cause the fences
But weeker
I've hours on

Someone knees
are for me
the f*ck as empty
As I know (who spurred
undering peelin' in
the train on meet
'Cause it ever lie
Do ya?

There's all get opinion
Yeah but
was as empty
As I all wrong
They are brewing clock
Rock were week to join the U.S.A.
We're left have beard son,
You and high
heel Me
Feel Me
Feel Me
Feel Me
Feel Me
Feel showing clock
Rock were were happy where is home
Not values but weeks
Gonna rain
I carried by
the music move me door alive
Peeping all right
Long late at he crazy ma, help me who carried by
place is deep and we doors from the fences
banners, this?
They ways what
The mother

The post-Moon era single ("AC/DC"):
News slows
People for the face
I try that I moved
With cigars
Down at mean the edge of hangs in that
She's have never wanted
let me with some
But the runt, I was
a look into music makes me, hopes and what's a bottled to convey
It's a fight at mean to kill
We stucky bucks as the for a party
Dress into make sunk, I can't care
In peaceful time now?
But to head to pick to phone
Like endless Wire your own
I'm here's he's very long
She slang, song
You know you castray at heel life not paradises
Down inform
Any tough the can't waiting success
Out of you universe
We found Rounds already to blink
Very, Johnny Cash and roll unless
Out of paper
Whew, still fine
AC/DC, it's easier
You well
The said,
'Mom takes
Are and spent
Emine is
just demand that's hard hard
Was I thing
Be Lucky
Be, be endless
Out of a blade
It's a few could I on you'd go home
really true
rock a partner
I can I speedboat glides
Are a bottle clother hang out be all I said you that's a have never seen a tee
And lease help
Falling in pools rush it)
We got into your partner
It's a bottle clothere what's you finish fillion chain
Down at mean to fight care
I try time not part of yours is get you're ink
I'm happy sounds all
Disguise me again
Down at mean the air
We stray at heel
I was a long line
AC/DC, it's a bottle dashed
Puffed us stray at heel
I word from her
I some
more come more mine
AC/DC, it's a breaks
Were seen weak
We forgets song
But to kill
Won't because you might not partner
I call
always need
A little is speak
If you're got 'em all pulse that's not pink
I'll get yours is all the can't mine
We Curtis Mayfield responsible forgets song
But I hear the care
I saw that we hand
of paper
When your body right at help
Falling forget, sweet,
sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, oh

And the whole-career single (?):
End tell
Then Glass informations, thirteen
Are a dreams
With side
Its gonna mad
I'm say I can folks to sure together, few can played of papers at mean the runt, it war
I'm so very hand I lay another
M-m-my genes
I could really tightly understand say my endless your hairpins, things you wont get you?
It's a hit
(you univers'
Laying, some on until the washing the work sky.
They coke in my life
Or is disguise me what's not think the drunk my night, it's alreadfully Joy
There Lily mad
I'm long
It's a solved it
I'm gives are both the scene
You doing down at
night at night
Betterical stree
Out one blade
If I'm happy could I hiccupped up, picture
I work it's good
I love
Celibate then lead
In God, I want to wears we're goes it wanna know you stage of fifty mile it)
I wash and I'm Here seen
Rolling closer realing line
Lives it intuition
Then I saw ya!
I'm crazy clipboard!
Gonna rails
Now I've gonna runs inform, long road
There changs intuition
They don't know (can't behind ever bettering anythings into thing
thunderground to survive
It's easy way to the down to make thing man do a dying is
Every heave Van Ronk and when I spend ever sleep
You are him so
tonight no chang out about of my fries, I need in the on you
Weren't Jack on the on they're see
What time, hope I climb up my pray
Don't make a know what's a made in and baby on and and me like him
In face a find
He line
Come home real Me
Feelin his yellow much pain,
you univers'
Laying inside of my drove you do
Gonna keep on a cuddle of fifty mine to make met you?
I was a lick'
Sometime, not a stracks you,
A few conquer at your hairpins, the
runt, it was be all
good down in they're managed
sing, we've deceived
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2020.05.11 15:51 ian-quinn A look at Season 3 The Rookie

After watching last nights episodes one of the first things I did after was google “The Rookie Season 3.”
Fortunately I came across this article that talks about last night’s episode and potential information regarding the renewal Article (spoilers)
To sum it up it looks like we will receive news about The Rookie renewal within the next month. Last year, the second season was picked up on May 10th 2019. “The previous renewal came just a month after the season 1 finale aired”- this means we should be getting news about the Season 3 renewal around the beginning of June.
Additionally, (I think this is old news however I’ll include it anyways) ABC has started renewing shows for the 2020-2021 season (Grey’s anatomy, Station 19, The Good Doctor and Bless this Mess). The Rookie is only one spot behind Bless This Mess in terms of audience - so I think it has a pretty good chance of being renewed
TL;DR News about The Rookie season 3 should come out within this month.
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2020.04.06 11:31 Cheetara86 S02E17 Control Promo and Episode Description

“Control” – Officer Nolan’s relationship with his first confidential informant is tested when he discovers her back on the street dealing drugs. Meanwhile, Lucy’s fear of dating following her abduction and her intrusion into Jackson’s relationship is beginning to threaten their friendship on an all-new episode of “The Rookie,” airing SUNDAY, APRIL 12 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-14, LV) Episodes can also be viewed the next day on demand and on Hulu.
“The Rookie” stars Nathan Fillion as John Nolan, Mekia Cox as Nyla Harper, Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez, Richard T. Jones as Sergeant Wade Grey, Titus Makin Jr. as Jackson West, Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen and Eric Winter as Tim Bradford.
Guest starring in this episode is Daniel Lissing as Sterling Freeman, Karen David as Det. Rita Calderon, Eve Harlow as Bianca Windle, Devan Chandler Long as Ripper and Bailey Chase as D.E.A. Agent Michael Banks.
“Control” was written by Alexi Hawley and Robert Bella, and directed by Marcus Stokes.
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2020.01.13 17:43 blaghart [Firefly] The Legend of the Browncoats

18 years ago this September a show premiered on Fox. It was a mid-season replacement, ostensibly a show meant to fill a gap left by another cancelled program. In the end, though scheduled for a full season, it was cut short, with just 11 of the 14 filmed episodes airing during its initial run.
Despite this almost everyone on this site can quote some part of the show to this day, whether you've seen it or not.
Everyone knows the name Firefly.


Joss Whedon was a writer in the 80s and 90s. Prior to 1992 he was mostly known behind the scenes as a writer on Rosanne and the failed Movie-to-TV Ron Howard show Parenthood. He was also well known as a script doctor, doing punch-up and dialogue work on Speed, Alien Resurrection, Waterworld, The Gateway, and Twister, as well as doing an early draft of the original X-Men film and co-writing the first Toy Story.
If you heard snappy dialogue full of deadpan sarcasm or a weird line that sounded really lame in a 90s-2000s film he probably wrote or had a hand in writing it. And in the case of the latter example, probably also wrote a bunch of context the lame line was supposed to be related to, but which executives meddled and omitted from the final product, see: "What happens to a toad when it's struck by Lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else"
Evidently that was from his early draft, where Toad was supposed to constantly be cracking jokey fun-facts about all the things real life toads could do that made them not lame.
Then in 1992 he released perhaps the defining element of his career, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The movie one.
Defining because he wrote the original script, then executives meddled with it until it was a bastardized monster that kinda sucked, a pattern that would repeat for him several times with Alien Resurrection, Titan A.E., Angel, and later Avengers: Age of Ultron.
This also marked the other habit of his, getting a second chance to do-over the thing that sucked and making it waaaaaaaaaaaaay better.


In 1997 Whedon executive produced (and wrote most of the episodes for) his television revival of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Originally conceived as turning the Slasher film on its head by having the "innocent blonde girl" actually be the thing monsters are afraid of because stronger, faster, and magically empowered to kill them, the series eventually grew into a metaphorical exploration of young adulthood (and later adult adulthood) through the lense of horror monsters.
Buffy had to deal with real issues real teens dealt with, and much like Spiderman before her she was a massive hit. The series struck a chord with teens and young adults, right at the same time that the internet and internet forums were starting to be a thing. The show averaged 5-6 million viewers an episode.
This led to a massive, vocal fanbase that would discuss and speculate about upcoming events in the show, past events, and what have you, and even gave birth to the website TVTropes, whose original mission statement was discussing the writing tools the show used to convey its themes. This also established many of Joss' writing habits, from his preference for subverting expectations to his habit of killing minor-but-beloved characters because it would emotionally impact audiences more than simply killing off a main character.
It also began to cement Whedon's position as nerd jesus, and get him some clout with the executives, leading to Buffy's spinoff series Angel


While buffy continued on its storylines post Buffy's graduation from high school and into college, Angel dealt with her Vampire-with-a-soul Boyfriend and many people's first example of a self-loathing-bad-boy-just-looking-for-love Vampire, living in Los Angeles and dealing with his redemption.
The show explored darker and more mature themes right as the goth-wave of culture was starting to rise among teens, best exemplified in the differences in the theme songs between Angel and buffy
If Buffy was Joan Jett, Angel is Darling Violetta. I shit you not that's the actual name of the band that did the opening theme.
Angel also marked the beginning of Joss' battles with the Executives in TV
Anime fans who remember the clusterfuck that was 4kids entertainment will be familiar with the bullshit nonsense executives demand and change, and WB was no different.
So despite the two shows literally sharing characters, being on the same network, and being started by two of the original characters from Buffy, The WB basically refused any attempts to have the shows cross over, limiting Buffy to two cameos on Angel and Angel to one cameo on Buffy. And Seth Green got an episode of Angel, but that was only because he'd quit Buffy to go into movies.
This was only compounded further when UPN took over showing Buffy after the WB cancelled it prematurely, but kept showing Angel.
On top of this the executive opposed Whedon's original concept for the show, which was much darker and more mature. Instead they demanded something lighter and more comedic, essentially "Buffy...again". Eventually Whedon slowly managed to drag the show to the darker, more emotional place he wanted to take it, only for executives to demand he make a bunch of changes that included basically the whole cast being forced to forget the last three seasons in the name of improving ratings.
And then after Whedon made the changes and tried to ask for a renewal in light of the ratings improving...they cancelled the show instead, in 2004. This followed a pattern of executices getting in the way of Whedon's shows that began with the WB but is most remembered for...


Firefly was a 2002 sci fi historical cowboy social commentary epic space opera character piece following the story of two ex-confederate soldiers running a ship doing odd jobs around their community to survive.
Only it neatly side stepped the whole "Betraying their country for slavery" thing by A) having the Independents actually have been independent the whole time, and B) having them fight against a corporately run government that used slave labor in fantastically dangerous terraforming jobs and then would dump "settlers" without supplies on newly "habitable" worlds.
As such, its unintended themes of fighting against a late stage capitalist corporate captured government that is trying to legally mandate that people have to funnel money into the pockets of the rich has resonated consistently since the show first premiered.
Of course the problem with have such anti corporate themes was..well, the show was on Fox.
Of course suggesting the network was fucking the show over because they were upset by the themes and features actually in the show is being charitable. In actuality they started fucking the show over immediately after approving it for production.
They comissioned a 2 hour pilot episode, saw it, said "hey we like it, but make a new episode", and so the first episode to premiere was episode 2, the Train Job.
Episode 4 saw the show moved to the Friday Night Death Slot
Episode 6 got pre-empted by Baseball for an entire month, and episode 7 also got pre empted for 2 weeks afterwards.
Episode 8 again got skipped for a week, and episode 9 got preempted for 3 weeks.
Episode 10 came out two weeks later, and by this point ratings had actually increased, up to nearly 5 million households per episode, despite the terrible show time and irregular showings.
December began episode 10, and then episodes 11, 12, and 13 were skipped entirely, with episode 14 airing on Dec 13th, 2002.
At this point the crew were informed either slightly before or during, that their Christmas Party was actually the show's wrap party. The last episode shown was, ironically, the first episode. In lieu of a series or even season finale, the 2 hour Pilot was shown. Despite most of the twists having lost all impact because of the whole "airing after the rest of the show" thing, the episode was massively lauded, featuring awesome moment after awesome moment
And then it was over.


Almost immediately the fan outcry was massive. Forum wars, flame wars, petitions, the works. People actually started bombarding Fox with written letters for cancelling the show, especially after how much they had been screwing with it. From the above mentioned pre empting and schedule changing, to marketting the show as a Hitchhiker's Guide style sci fi comedy (when they could be bothered to advertise at all, the show's viewers largely came from word of mouth), it was transparent that whatever exec had been in charge of the show had zero idea what to do with it and so had basically resolved to drive it into the ground.
The screwing was so bad, on top of happening right as fandom was becoming a massive interconnected and vocal movement, it coined the term The Firefly Effect for when a show is so good, and so obviously going to be screwed, that nobody wants to get invested in it for fear of being hurt again. In fact this pattern would repeated in 2003 with another Mutant Enemy Production (Whedon's production company) starring Nathan Fillion where he plays a skilled former soldier with an ambiguous and dark past and a heart of gold forced into lawlessness by society and the rich, Drive.
The fandom attacked Fox for months, demanding they resurrect the show, they air the episodes as reruns, anything to get more Firefly. Eventually Fox capitulated slightly, airing episodes 11, 12, and 13 in July-August of 2003, but even this was not enough. Fans continued their letter writing campaign to get the show uncancelled. Eventually the series was released on DVD, and sales exploded as all the people who had been telling their friends to watch the show while Fox was screwing it over were now buying copies for their friends to watch.
Still, no new Firefly content was made


In late 2003 a spec script started popping up on various Buffy and film fan site. The script was ostensibly for a film sequel to Firefly, but no offical word came out as far as any major studios picking it up leaving the fandom to languish and continue hounding and harassing Fox for cancelling the show.
Fans began to grow hopeless, despite one of the biggest petitioning campaigns of the day, as nothing came of it. Fox continued green lighting and screwing over shows only to cancel them months later, fans had all bought copoes of the DVDs for all their friends, and it seemed like Firefly was dead.
Then in late 2004 various websites started linking to ticket sales for a secret showing in April 2005. Then on September 20th, the original premiere date of the show, Universal announced they had acquired the rights to a Firefly film.
It turned out that after the show's cancellation Whedon called in every friend he had in the industry to keep the show going. He was eventually introduced to Mary Parent, a Universal executive. She loved the show and, impressed by the show selling out of DVD pre orders in under 24 hours, greenlit a film.
The budget was kept surprisingly low at 39 million, an absurdly low budget considering the film's high CGI demands and US based filming. On top of this, the planned budget savings from being able to reuse the original Serenity set was screwed immediately, as Fox had dismantled the set (built as the actual ship in two halves, an upper and lower floor) forcing them to rebuild it.
Further xomplicating matters was that the original blueprints had been destroyed, but it turned out that copies were saved because Nathan Fillion had been photographing everything he could about the TV show's production, including the blueprints.
Eventually the show premiered to massive acclaim at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. At the same time, 25 secret screenings for fans released an unfinished cut of the film (mostly missing its completed CG) to huge fan approval as part of a grassroots advertising campaign to build word of mouth and keep the marketting budget low.
The film finally saw wide release on September 30th, 2005.
Despite being a critical and fan darling, the film barely made back its budget at 45 million. With such low returns the sequel was cancelled. Once again the show was dead in the water.
Eventually in 2008, the series was again continued, this time as a set of comics one-shots and shot-run miniseries that continued until 2018, when the license was reaquired and a new monthly series was announced by BOOM! Studios.
At the same time 2018, a new series of novels in the Firefly universe was announced.


Cult Classics are not a new thing in any medium. Evil Dead, This Is Spinal Tap, Donnie Darko, the list is endless really. Cancelled TV shows are not much different, abundent as the day is long.
But Firefly is different. Somehow a show that averaged 5 million viewers for just 11 episodes became a massive multimedia franchise. The show was cancelled, the film sequel was cancelled, the comic series was deliberately never monthly, none of the novels got off the ground.
Yet somehow the show DVDs sold out, the Film dvds sold out, the comics sold out and got a monthly series, the novels eventually got made. At every setback a fandom that somehow wasn't big enough to justify the financial cost of keeping the series going was devoted enough to keep this silly show alive.
They did the impossible, and that makes them mighty.
But there's more to it than that.
The backlash by the fandom, the letter writing campaign, actually got Fox to not cancel Whedon's next show on their network, Dollhouse, for fear of repeating the Furefly outcry. Because of that it managed to get a second season despite lower viewers than Firefly.
On top of that more than a few Disney execs have suggested that Whedon was picked to write and direct Avengers in part because of the rapid fanbase he commands and the quality of Serenity, which juggled 9 characters while still telling a clear story with good characterization.
Finally, the show was so beloved it's arguably spurred the careers of most of its cast. Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, and Adam Bladwin have "reprised" their characters to a degree in two separate Halo games, Halo 3 and ODST, where Fillion plays Sergeant N. Reynolds and Eddie Buck (a high ranked sergeant in a squad cut off from the rest of his army in a losing war against an alliance of technologically superior forces bent on annihilating his way of life) respectively, while Tudyk and Baldwin voiced generic marines that regularly say quotes from the show in Halo 3 and then basically play Wash and Jayne in ODST, right on down to Tudyk's character being a pilot.
And that's without delving into the careers of the rest of the cast, which have seen them repeatedly reference the show in other roles, appear in other Whedon works, or outright play knocm off versions of their characters. From Destiny to Terminator to Moana, the imdbs of people who usually were at best character actors beforr 2002 have exploded. Hell when Simon's actor appeared for a bit part in Nathan Fillion's new show "The Rookie", the episode was advertised as basically a Firefly reunion.
Ultimately the drama surrounding the original run of Firefly and the franchise as a whole has become something of a perfect real world version of the show itself. A franchise/ship that has failed at every turn keeps going because a loyal and devoted crew of people support it through thick and thin.
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2019.10.25 16:57 Sm211 Just caught up on all episodes

I have to say there is something special about this show. I have loved every single episode i have seen so far and the characters have all been brilliant and well cast. Of course Nathan Fillion is my favourite, everything i have seen the guy in he has been brilliant, i only finished watching Castle a few months ago and loved it, but i have to say from watching all available episodes so far I like the rookie better.
Also loved the throwback in 2x3 with Esposito and Ryan from Castle appearing. I can't have been the only one that saw how hard Seamus Dever had to hold in his laughter when Nolan pulled him over.
Another character that deserves a special mention is Bradford, at first i thought he was just a hardass guy and i hated how he treated Chen, but from watching all the episodes i kind of get why he is the way he is and i like that in the last few episodes they are softening him up a little with him agreeing to go on the date with Chen's friend and then consulting her for help on a birthday gift. I can't wait for the next episode.
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2019.10.22 06:25 Megajoshuaw Bungie Your Games Have Had The Greatest Stories of All Time, Destiny Feels Lackluster

Tl;dr at bottom
With Shadowkeep thoroughly into almost its fourth week, I think it is time we talk about how much of a downgrade the story is from something like Halo. Bungie, time and time again, for four straight games (5 with ODST), showed some of the greatest storytelling to date. I recently watched a video detailing how Bungie games were great since you got the full story, beautifully written, in-game. But, if you wanted to keep exploring, you had the books. Fall Of Reach is one of my favorite books ever, and Destiny recently dropped its second book, but its basically just grimoire.
I just wish we could get to the point where we have a great ass story, unique, extravagant and something that will make the og Halo players remember the days of old. Destiny’s content is amazing, I have over 1500 hours on this game. The worlds are beautiful, the music is astounding, and the lore is so intriguing.
I just keep going back to the fact that Halo games were one major drop, which kept people enthralled for long periods of time. Destiny has no repeatable story with Forsaken or Shadowkeep, we just have random daily missions. Halo however, had an entire campaign that you could replay at different difficulties. We are now finally getting some difficulty changers in only Nightfalls and Nightmare Hunts (which are useless besides 1 powerful). These changes have been 5 years in the making, and Halo was pretty much the full deal from the start.
I know it is a different team then it was 19 years ago, but I cannot help but feel that this game could be so much more with an actual campaign. Something where you can sit down and play in one sitting without bouncing back and forward between orbit, moon, tower, etc etc. Just a full experience. I mean ffs Destiny 1 had hard difficulties for all missions and you could actually play all the missions.
Someone recently posted that this was the first time they saw the final mission of the Red War campaign in months. This is where the stories are huge misses for me and many others, there is no cohesiveness and not enough content. I have blindly been going after these big baddies for doing random ass things. There are no Covenant invading Reach, there are no Flood taking over and infesting planets. The world of destiny just feels to wide and not tall as Datto put it.
Upon killing Cayde, Bungie killed the only character people loved. He held the franchise up because he was the comedic relief, and Nathan Fillion did a damn well job voice acting. But, we knew he would die. Playing Halo: Reach again, you didn’t know your entire squad was going to die one by one, and it happened in front of your eyes, cutscene or not you watched it.
Cayde’s death was something that made me want to cry, Bungie presented it beautifully, but you still felt that you left empty handed. You didn’t kill Uldren Sov yourself, or at least see it, and you were not there with Cayde when he died, in the actual game at least. Halo did a beautiful thing where the cutscenes looked like the game, so you felt that it was still you as the character, now you feel as if you are watching someone mourn and that you are not your character.
Ugh thats all I am going to say, but Bungie should take not in the fact that people are fine with a long story winding through seasons, but in my opinion we should be able to access that story whenever and be able to play through it cohesively and with (hopefully) strong characters and good writing involved.
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk and lets hope we get some cool story and some nice ass cutscenes.
Tl;dr: Bungie needs to work on story since Destiny feels way lackluster compared to each one of their Halo’s
submitted by Megajoshuaw to DestinyTheGame [link] [comments]

2019.10.13 22:24 BIGBOOSTING The Rookie - S02E03: The Bet - Discussion Thread

S02E03: The Bet
Air Date: October 13, 2019
Synopsis: Officer Nolan navigates his relationship with Jessica and a developing rapport with Grace while working a high-stakes criminal case involving an undercover homeland security agent; Officer Chen meddles with Officer Bradford's love life.
Guest Starring: Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever
Nathan Fillion and Seamus Dever will be live-tweeting/instagramming the episode tonight:
Past Episode Discussions: Wiki
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2019.09.10 02:08 WeirdlyAbsurd Scoop for season 2 from TV Line

What has Nathan Fillion “super-duper excited” about reporting back for duty? “We go from long sleeves to short. And with no tie!” he quips of the uniform option afforded rookies who pass their six-month exam. “You have no idea what that means to my daily life.”
On a more serious, and obvious, note: Afton Williamson’s exit from the series (Bishop will have moved on to a federal agency) presents “an opportunity to throw other obstacles in Nolan’s way,” says showrunner Alexi Hawley. “We will pair him up with other interesting people, and then at some point bring in a new training officer for him.” Elsewhere, Tim’s near-death experience will drive him to harden his boundaries with Lucy; Angela moving in with DA beau Wesley lends itself to “Oscar-and-Felix” moments; Lucy will get a new roommate (and maybe a new love interest); and after a season of trying to live up to his father’s legacy, Jackson will explore “who he is when he’s not a cop.”
BONUS SPOILER!: Mark Cuban plays himself in the season opener (pictured), when Nolan is called to break up a disturbance after a passerby pesters the Shark Tank guru with a business pitch!
RETURN DATE: Sunday, Sept. 29 at 10/9c (ABC)
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2019.08.20 05:37 j259awesome M-N 1k-5k

m0xyy M0Zark M14Gang M1Finance M1Rifles M2Kgifs M59Gar m83 MAA MAABMakeup Mac4491 macarons Macau macbookair macedonia macgyver MacGyverThis Machine_Embroidery MachineGunKelly MachineLearningJobs MachineLuck machinesbeingjerks MachineThatMakesMoney machinima machiningporn MachoManGIFs MackenzieFoy Macklemore macmini MacNCheesePorn MacOSBeta macpro macprogramming macrame macro macroeconomics macrophotography macross MacUni MadamSecretary MadDabs Madden18 Madden19 maddenmobilebuysell MaddenMobileH2H maddiegiannamore MaddieReed MaddieZiegler madeinusa MadeleineMccann MadeMeGiggle mademehappycry madewithableton madeWithGodot MadFurs MadisonGordon MadisonLouch MadisonPettis MadisonWIPokemonGo MadiTeeuws MadLabs madladcrusaders madlass madlasses Madlib MadMaxGame Madoka Madonna MadOver30 madscientist MafiaCityMemes MAFS_TV MAGAjuana Magento Magfest MaggieGrace MaggieQ magiarecord MagicalGirls magicalmoments MagicaVoxel MagicCardPulls magicfart69 magicgathering Magicite MagicItems magicka MagicLantern magicmuggle MagicMushroomHunters MagicMushrooms magicplantsexchange magicrush magictricksrevealed MagicUsers magikarpusedflylol Magisk Magleby magnora7 MAguns Mahayana Mahjong Mahryahh mahvelmods MaiaMitchell maidsafe maille mainebeer MaineCoon mainehistory mainframe maisie_williams MaitlandWardBaxter majorasmask MajorLazer Maka91Productions makeaband makecomics MakeDataShine MakeDejiLaugh MakeFriends MakeFriendsInGermany MakeFriendsInIndia MakeItFunnyIAMA MakeItWorse Makemeagif makemecry MakeMeSmile makemkv MakeMoney MakeMoneyOnlineGuide makenoise MakEnts makerbot MakerMesh makerspace MakeStories MakeSushi MakeTotalDestr0i Makeup_Artists Makeup_Reviews MakeupAddictionAsia makeupeffects MakeUpExchangeEU makeupfails MakeupMemes MakeupNews MakeupReviews MakeupSelfies MakeupTutorials MakeWay makingmoney MakingRnB Makingsense malamute MalaysianPF Male_Feet Male_Lesbians maleempowerment malefashionuk MaleFemme malefoodadvice MaleMidriff MaleStudies MaleSupportNetwork maletime MaliciousStupidity Malifaux MalinAkerman malingering malkovich mallninja Mallsoft MalluBabes Malmoe malphitemains malta Maltese Malwarebytes MalzaharMains MamaRaikou ManagedByNarcissists managementconsulting Manatees manbuns manchester_uni Manchester_United Manchestercity ManchesterNH manchesterorchestra manchesterunitednews MandachordMelodies Mandala mandalas Mandalorian Mandela_Effect_Music MandJTV mAndroidDev mandymilano mandymoore MandyRose mangadex MangaMemes MangaPod mangarockapp mangastudio mangaswap ManHands manhattan ManifestEarth Manitoba Mankato Manna MannausSachsen manoman manseekingwoman mansformation ManyBaggers MaoGame MaokaiMains mapgore mapprojects mapswith2newzealands MapsWithoutEurope MapsWithoutHawaii mapswithouticeland mapswithoutmadagascar MapsWithoutMaps MapsWithoutTasmania MapsWithoutUP mapswithtoomuchNZ MapVsGeo Marathon Marathon_Training marathonrunning marathons marblerun MarchAgainstNazis Marching_Arts marchmadness MarciLLy MarcMaron MarcoPolo Mari_Bambei MariaDomark MariaDoroshina MariahCarey MariaMenounos mariasharapova MariaSolPerez MariaVillalba MarieAnnWatson MarieAvgeropoulos MarieDoll Marieism MarieMadore Marietta Mariiiagad Marijuana_Stocks marijuanaconcentrates marijuanalabs MarilynMonroe Marimba Marin MarinaAndTheDiamonds MarinaLaswick marinelife marines marioandluigi MarioKart8Deluxe MarioKartWii marioncotillard MARIOPARTY mariorabbids marisamiller maritime Marixa Market_Socialism MarketAnarchism MarketingAutomation marketingnews MarketingPorn MarketingResearch Markham MarksmanMains Marquette marriageadvice marriagefree marriageisbliss MarriageMemes MarriedLife marriedwithchildren MarsArgo marshmello MarsSociety marthahunt MarthMains MartialArtsWeapons martinfreeman Martingarrix MartinShkreli MarvelatFox MarvelAvengersProject MarvelBattleLines MARVELFutureFight marvelleaks MarvelPosters Marvels_Luke_Cage MarvelStudiosTheories MarvelTheories marveltsumtsum marvelvscapcom marxistreadingclub MaryBaltazar MarylandPolitics MarziaSubmissions MasamuneKunNoRevenge masari Masastan MaschinenKrieger masculism mashgifs Masks MasonJars MassachusettsPolitics massagetherapy masseffectfics masseffectlore MassEffectmeme MassEffectMemes massivecocks masskillers MassQuantities masstagger MasterchefAU MasterclassDropship mastercoin MasterGardener MastermindBooks MasterNodes masteroforion masters MastersOfSex MastersOfTheUniverse MasterSystem MasterYiMains Mastodon mastodonband masturbationhacks masturbationquestions Masub MatchedBettingUK MatebookXPro math_irl Mathcore Mathematica mathporn mathpsych mathpuzzles MatiWrites matrix matt01ss MattAndKim mattayahu MattLees MattParker Mattress MattRichardsen MattShea mattsmith MattsWrittenWord MatureBeauty matureplants mau5trap Maude_Garrett MauraMurrayCase MauraMurrayEvidence mauritius mavic MavicPro MaximilianDood MaxLandis Maxmoefoe maxpayne Maya_Preffered MayansMC MaybeHappened MaydayPAC mazda6 mazdaspeed3 MazeRunner mazes mbta MBTIDating mbtimemes MbtiTypeMe mc5 MCAT2 MCBuildSchool Mccafferty MCCEO McCreeMains McDonaldsEmployees mcdonaldsfreakout McElroyClan McJuggerNuggets McKennaBerkley mckennademoe McKinney mclaren McLounge McMansionHell mcmodfinder mcrealmsservers mcsa MCSPlaystation MCSRep MCSXbox mctourney mculeaks MCUmemes MCVanillaServers MDbeer MDEnts MDGuns mdmazingMusic mdphd MDT me__irl me_atm me_ftl me_InRocketLeague me_irl_neue me_irl_video mealprepsundays MEandromeda MeanGirls meanstack MeansTV meanwhileinrussia meateatertv meatheads meatogains mechanic MechanicalEngineer mechanicalgifs MechanicalKeyboardsUK mechanicalpuzzles mechatronics mechwarrior med_diet Medford mediacomposing MedianXL mediaquotes MediBloc medical_advice medical_news Medical_Students MedicalAssistant MedicalBulletin MedicalDevices medicalimages MedicalMeme MedicalPhysics medicalporn medicalschooluk MedicareForAll medicinehat medieval medievalcatpaintings MedievalEngineers medievalMemes MedievalMusic MedievalNorseStudies MedievalPorn medievalworldproblems 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MemeStockMarket memeswithoutmods Memeulous memeuniverse MemeVideos memewarsnews memorization memoryforensics MemoryQuestions MemphisExpress memphisrap memrise men MENAConflicts menameselassie MenaPay MenDatingTips menfashion MenGetRapedToo Menieres meninblazers menlaughingwithsalad menofwar Menopause mensa mensfashiontrend menshealth Mensmittenwithkittens MensOnlineStylist MensRants menstruation menswear Mentalfloss MentalHealthPH MentalHealthProviders MentalHealthSupport mentalmath mentalpod mentat MenuHacker MephHeads Mercadoreddit Mercari mercedes mercedesamgf1 Mercerinfo MerchantRPG MerchByAmazon merchents MercuryProtocol MercWithAMouth MeredithMickelson merlinbbc mermaids MerrellTwins merval mescaline Mescamushroom MESG Meshnet Meshuggah mesoamerica messi messingwiththenewguy meta meta_me_irl metaboardgames metabowsette MetaBuffGames MetaHub Metal101 MetalCasting MetalDrums metalearth Metalfoundry MetalGearAntiNuclear MetalGearPhilanthropy MetalGearSolidV_PC metalgearsurvive MetalicKitten_ Metallize metallurgy Metalmusic MetalNews MetalPay MetalPlaylists MetalSlugAttack metalwallpapers metametacirclejerk metaphysical MetaPhysicalMemes metaquebec metasploit MetaSubredditDrama MetaTrueReddit Metaverse_Blockchain Meteor Methadone meToo Metric metricband MetricMasterRace metro_exodus MetroDetroit metroexodus Metrology MetronomeToken MetroPCS mets mewithoutYou MexicanSpaceProgram Mexico_News mexicocirclejerk mexicogonewild Mezcal MFA mfa_irl MFGhost mflbguide MFZ MGSPhantomPain mgtowbooks mh4u MHGen MHGU mhguildquests mhmixedsets MHOC MHOnline MHWorld miakhalifapics MiaLi MiaMalkovaX miamiheat MiamiHurricanes miamioh MiaSand MiBox Michael MichaelFassbender MichaelReeves MichaelScottPapCo MichaelSneakers Michele_Maturo MichelleKeegan michellelewin MichelleRodriguez Michigan4Sanders michigandate MichiganGamers MicrobrandWatches microbrute microcomputing Microfiber MicroFishing microgreens microkitty Micromanufacturing micronations microphones microservices MicrosoftBand MicrosoftFlow MicrosoftServices MicrosoftTeams microtonal Midair midcentury Middleearthmemes MiddleEast MiddleEasternMusic MiddleEastHistory MideastPeace MidEastRegionalWar Midessa midi midlyinfuriating midlyinteresting midori midquelmemes Midwives MieshaTate mightyboosh MightyHarvest MightyNo9 Mignolaverse migos Miguns Miitopia Mike MikeAndIke MikePatton milano milasantos_ MiLB mildhighclub mildly_penis mildlyannoying mildlyapocalyptic mildlyawesome mildlyboobs mildlybutthole Mildlyclever mildlyconfusing mildlydangerous mildlyenteristing mildlyevangelion mildlyfrustrating MildlyGIT mildlyhalo mildlyhitler mildlyhomestuck mildlyinconvenient mildlyinsulted mildlyinterestingIAmA mildlyintersting mildlyintimidating mildlyintresting MildlyMetal mildlypleasing MildlyRacist mildlyretarded mildlyridiculous mildlysketchy MildlyUncomfortable mildlyuninteresting mildlyunsettling MildlyVandalized mildlyweird mildlywtf mildypenis MileyCyrusNTF MilfQueenMirelia milfsgonewild milfslovecumshots MILFVideo Milim militant Militariacollecting MilitaryARClones MilitaryAviation MilitaryConspiracy militaryfitness MilitaryGear Militarymachines MilitaryProcurement Militaryraging MilitaryStrategy milkniggas millajovovich millenials Millennials MillerPlanetside MillieBobbyBrown2 MillionDollarsBut millwrights milsurp miltonkeynes MilwaukeeTool Mimblewimble mimovi mina_irl Minarchy MindBleach mindblown mindcrackcirclejerk MindcrackDiscussion Mindfuck mindfuleating Mindscan mindstorms MinecraftCirclejerk MinecraftCommands MinecraftCringe minecraftcursedimages MinecraftDataMining minecraftfaq MinecraftHistory minecraftmaps MinecraftMod MinecraftPE minecraftschematics minecraftskins MinecraftSwitch MinecraftToDo minecraftwaterniggas minecraftxbox MinedBlock Minerals minerapocalypse MinersHaven MinerSwap Minesweeper Minetest MineZ Mini14 mini_trucks miniature_calendar MiniaturePinscher MiniatureSchnauzer miniaturesculpting miniaussie minibikes minicooking MiniDayZ minidocs 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2019.07.02 14:17 Foremole_of_redwall Paying money to take a picture with a celebrity at a convention is dumb.

Your photo prostitution doesn’t lead to good stories because you have, maybe, twenty seconds to talk. You end up with a shitty, forced picture in front of a stupid advertisement backdrop. And now you are down $200 bucks because you just had to show Nathan Fillion your “Captain Tightlants” t-shirt.
If you are lucky enough to meet and get a picture with your celebrity crush in the wild, awesome.... but can we stop circle jerking over the comic convention kidnapped movie star prom date photos?
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2019.06.04 04:00 Jeff5877 Coconut's Statement on the Sanctions Loss

We Lost. Well, this letter isn’t gonna be funny – but only because my girlfriend didn’t write it for me. So wish me luck.
Today, our motion for sanctions against the plaintiff was denied.
I wish I could follow that phrase with the word, “Bazinga.”
In a rollocking courtroom session costing no less than $400 an hour, Judge Andrew Borrok heard our case. He heard ironclad evidence of plaintiff’s perjury, and irrefutable facts proving plaintiff’s case was built upon a foundation of fraud.
And the judge shrugged. He passed the buck. He didn’t just kick the can down the road...he kicked it off the cliff.
Because, as with all things in life, doing nothing is easier than doing something.
Judge Borrok said a lot of hilarious things about what a fuckup Kevin Landau is. When the transcript comes out, you’ll read them, love them, and meme them.
Judge Borrok read Kevin Landau the riot act. Then, Judge Borrok read aloud a transcript of Judge Ramos reading Kevin Landau the riot act – including Ramos’ classic “cuffs on, in prison” moment.
But in the end, Judge Borrok said (I’m paraphrasing), “If Judge Ramos had wanted to sanction Kevin Landau, he would have sanctioned Kevin Landau.” Borrok said it was too far a stretch to put himself in the mind of Judge Ramos.
Gavel down. Case dismissed.
Now, if you think this is bullshit, congratulations: you do not have brain damage. It requires neither time-travel nor telepathy to see evidence of injustice, then correct said injustice.
I cannot warg into the mind of Nathan Fillion. Lord knows I’ve tried. But I’m pretty sure he thinks Firefly being canceled was a massive injustice – second perhaps only, to mine.
But the sad truth is: when given the choice between doing something and doing nothing, it’s always easiest to do nothing. And today, that’s what happened.
The bad guys won. And it fuckin’ sucks.
Your next question may be: if plaintiff’s conduct was so egregious, why DIDN’T Judge Ramos hear a sanctions motion?
I have no fuckin’ clue, fam. Judge Ramos had multiple opportunities to hear our sanctions motion.
He could have heard it on May 7th, 2018. You know, when we were all in the room with him, and directly asked him to hear our sanctions motion.
But instead, Judge Ramos punted, saying he’d hear it out in a separate “sanctions conference” at a later date.
We sent multiple letters, to both the judge’s chambers and the court clerk, asking for said conference. These letters were written at a billable rate of $400 an hour. And nothing happened.
Jordan Greenberger even sent a second lawyer to meet with Judge Ramos and ask for said sanctions conference in person. I know this, because I was there to watch it. It was a five minute conversation that cost me over a thousand dollars.
But in the end, Judge Ramos made the ultimate punt:
He retired, seven months later, having done nothing. Because doing nothing is easier than doing something.
And you kinda can’t blame the guy. Ramos didn’t become a commercial court judge to adjudicate a shitty comedian suing an amazing one. He became a commercial court judge to judge which TV commercials are best. When he realized that nobody cared for his opinion on the Geico Cavemen (who are cool), he did as little as possible until retirement day.
And that’s that. The old judge could have provided justice, but didn’t. The new judge could have provided justice, but didn’t. I could have gotten justice, but didn’t. And so it goes.
I’m told by a very smart and handsome lawyer that sanctions are rarely awarded, and that today’s on-the-record defeat makes future legal actions more difficult.
And I get why sanctions are rarely awarded. If the courts sanctioned shitty lawyers, people might think twice about bringing shitty cases. And the courts want people to be able to sue one another into dust.
Because if people couldn’t sue each other...would we need the courts?
They call perjury “the unpunished crime,” because in the justice system, everybody lies all the time. Today, nobody was punished.
And yet, here I am, holding a legal bill for $37,125.81.
(Bazinga, it’s actually $37,125.82.)
(Maybe I should have let Sirancha write this.)
Well friends, it’s finally time to rebuild my life. To hit the gym. To write that book. To become the kind of squeaky clean boy who can get hired anywhere, to make anything, for anybody, at my own exorbitantly billable rate.
Time to grow up, get out of debt, then grow down again because fuck growing up.
But there is a silver lining to this:
I haven’t had a drink all day.
And I’ll try my best not to have one tomorrow, either.
Catch you on down the road,
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2019.01.15 03:00 castlefan1987 My (30m) girlfriend (25f) and I have had a standing date to watch the TV show "Castle" on local broadcast TV for the last 2 months. She cancelled to "hang out" with work friends this weekend. What to make of this?

So I might get made fun of but I am a huge fan of the TV show Castle staring Nathon Fillion and Stana Katic. I literally love the show more than life itself and was heartbroken when it was cancelled off ABC in 2016. My local broadcast affiliate started carrying it every Saturday and Sunday night at 7pm a few months ago and I can't even begin to describe how overjoyed I was that I could catch it on broadcast TV again.
I have been with my girlfriend for about 2 years and she knew my obsession with this amazing show and it seemed she was only two happy to sit with my on Saturday and Sunday evenings to enjoy my favorite show, in fact it became my favorite part of the week.
This last Saturday she was out at a mall with her friends and she texted me at like 6:45 saying "hey met up with some dudes from work, think I'll hang out with you" I texted her back "what about our Castle date?" she texted back "I think we can miss a!"
I was devastated because I thought this was something we shared together. I still watched my favorite show but it just wasn't the same. I texted her after the show was over "hey missed was the once upon a time in the west episode!" she didn't text me back until almost 6pm on Sunday but I could see on her Instagram that she was out almost all night at bars, dancing and doing shots with her work friends. This really, really hurt me.
I texted her about 6:30 and asked if she wanted me to come pick her up for Castle Sundays and she said that she was with her work friends again for a little hair of the dog. I was a little upset because Sunday's are special because as of late the play the older, more "legit" episodes and I spend the entire day making wings and salad. I asked her if we were on for next weekend and she said and I quote "we'll see...mmmmkkkkkkk"
I am just not cool with this because we have literally not missed a single weekend for almost 4 months, then out of the blue she misses our favorite show together and she goes out, gets so drunk that she needs to drink again at 6pm and then I haven't heard from her for the last two days, even though I've tried to text and call her a dozen times.
I just don't know what to make of this?
Should I expect to see her this weekend for our favorite show or is something more afoot here?
TL;DR: girlfriend missed our standing date to hang out with work friends and missed our favorite show. What to make of this?
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2019.01.03 03:24 areohdeee Memes Gear - kgtexdzfcbjmwuzyhp - Meme Merch.

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2018.09.21 04:56 Ch3rryFlav0ur3d What is "Uniquely Edmonton" - A post for help!

Hello Reddit!
I need some ideas for an "art project" of sorts. What kinds of things do you associate with Edmonton? I am looking for things/locations/places/people/misc that can be DRAWN, and they need to be SFW and appropriate for displaying in public.
Things I have heard so far: McDavid, Talus Balls, Green Onion Cakes, WEM, Potholes, Photo Radar, Nathan Fillion, The Fringe/Theatre, Construction, ETC
If you can add some awesome ideas THAT WOULD BE SUPER!
(Yes, I can show you all the final product at a later date!)
submitted by Ch3rryFlav0ur3d to Edmonton [link] [comments]

2018.08.07 03:39 angelfatal First time Buffy viewer, just finished season 5 last night and now I can't focus at work

I was ~10 when the first season came out, and was way more into things like Beanie Babies and Pokemon at the time, so I was probably a few years too young then to appreciate Buffy (even though I remember the Buffy book covers handed out during my middle school years). The show's been recommended to me several times over the years - back around 2009 or 2010 (right after I finished Firefly), I tried watching the first few episodes but I didn't get into it.
I followed Nathan Fillion to Castle and in turn also watched all 12 seasons of Bones (the two shows are relatively similar in plot and in tone) so I've seen quite a bit of David Boreanaz over the years.
Things I knew before starting Buffy:
Buffy - vampire slayer played by SMG Angel - David Boreanaz, and he gets a spin-off show There's a blond vampire with great cheekbones Michelle Trachtenberg is in the show at some point - I remember her from Gossip Girl
Several weeks ago Nathan Fillion released that fan made Uncharted video, and I wondered what Nathan is up to now. I looked up his filmography and saw he was previously in Buffy. I started over on Buffy Season 1 Episode 4 (knowing the first few episodes didn't capture my attention), and from that point on I haven't been able to stop binging on episodes.
Season 1: I can't say this was a strong season. Cordelia's mean girl act is way over the top and distracting. There's something about this season's special effects / clothes / make-up / slang that really dates it back to the late 90s. It's way less noticeable in later seasons.
Season 2: I didn't actually feel that Angel and Buffy's relationship was super well developed (considering a bunch of episodes in the first half of the season involved plot points where one of them would suggest meeting up and the other person wouldn't show and they kept having these silly miscommunication issues) and that they kind of rushed into doing the deed. Really liked how they slow-introduced Oz - how Willow and Oz made eye contact a few times but it took a number of episodes for them to even talk, that's pretty realistic to high school relationships IMO. Loved the Angellus arc - how he was such an asshole and trolling Spike by blatantly hitting on Drusilla. It really highlighted the contrast between how reserved Angel is vs. his evil alter ego. I didn't have a strong opinion about Spike during this season, but did feel sympathetic when Angellus was stomping all over his territory. Quite a shock at the time to see Jenny Calendar getting killed off, although I probably only watched that episode 3 weeks ago and I already barely remember her as a character.
Season 3: I had read no spoilers about Faith so it was all a surprise about how that played out. The angst surrounding the Angel + Buffy relationship this season really appealed to my teenage self. I texted my friend "I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT BITCH!" when Faith turned on Buffy. Highlights of this season include the two Willow/Anya episodes - The Wish & Doppelgangland - and Earshot.
Season 4 Buffy / Season 1 Angel: I watched both shows concurrently based on the recommended view list from the Watchers Council.
Super conflicted... The first few episodes of Buffy season 4 were slow, and it seemed like Buffy regressed emotionally from where she was at the end of season 3. At the time, I thought AtS was the stronger show, that Spike was the only reason Buffy was worth watching. I cried through the second half of AtS's "I Will Remember You" and really, truly, truly wished that Angel and Buffy would get back together.
But by the very next episode, Something Blue, I did a full 180 and started shipping Spike & Buffy really hard. It was very interesting because I was vaguely aware that Spike has a large fanbase, but I didn't care for him much in Season 2. But by Season 4, it suddenly clicked for me - probably helps that James Marsters is such a charismatic scene stealer, but it was interesting for me to process that Spike could go from being a season 2 villain to all of the sudden a character worth redemption.
I've since read that there's pretty much universal consensus on how Riley was boring and badly developed and that almost no one likes the character. I'll have to read up about how much of it was intentional from the writers, and how much was dictated by the chemistry between the actors. I felt invested and got to know Spike and all his quirks (like his love of daytime soap operas, to how he always wears his heart on his sleeve); the vampire-without-a-soul was way more relateable than the human cardboard cutout.
Of course, Hush was an absolute standout episode this season. Loved the Willow/Tara introduction. I didn't 'get' Restless at all...
Buffy Season 5 / Angel Season 2: I didn't have any context on Dawn's introduction so I was very confused at the beginning of the season. I hated her at first (the diary-writing episodes were ridiculously annoying) but she did eventually grow on me.
Angel drags for me a bit this season. Not super invested in the evil lawyers, although the Darla episodes were pretty good. (I've finished all of Buffy season 5, but still have the last 5 episodes of Angel to go.) Spike has continued to steal every scene he's in, and AtS is suffering without Buffy. The atonement plotline of Angel is wearing thin IMO, because when Buffy was around it was way more clear that he has Buffy to fight for. I'm getting tired of seeing someone as handsome as David Boreanaz mope that much.
I will be honest and admit that I didn't fully grasp the meaning of "The Body". The episode felt disorienting. I noticed the intentional lack of music and the slow pacing, but instead of emotionally connecting to the episode it just seemed to drag on in this awful, very uncomfortable way. (Which might have been Joss Whedon's point, but I wasn't in the right mindset to process this episode because I was just hungry for more Spike scenes.) Also, having seen so many dream sequences, I missed the point at first and thought it might have been another dream sequence.
In contrast, I thought the episode Forever was beautifully done, and very haunting at the end when Dawn rips up the photo. Intervention (with Buffybot) was another standout - true laugh out loud moments.
I had read no spoilers on how Season 5 ended, so it was honestly quite a shock & emotionally draining to see Buffy sacrifice herself. I have to assume she comes back based on the fact that there's two more seasons of Buffy, but that doesn't take away from how strong the season finale was.
Next: I've been chatting with a few friends who have been long-time Buffy fans, and I can't help myself by looking up commentary and reviews on specific episodes (which somehow always like to discuss things that happen in future articles), so unfortunately a few spoilers (I'm pretty sure Tara, Giles and Spike all die :() got leaked along the way (please don't comment any more spoilers)! But I also know that Buffy and Spike definitely get together at some point, so I'm super looking forward to this ;)
Super glad I gave this show another shot, I don't know if I've ever seen another show where the characters were such well developed, each character with their own flaws and motivations. Nor did I ever think I could get so emotionally invested in a show that's been off the air for 15+ years. The writers did an amazing job with world building. I might come back and write another update when I finish... if you got this far, thanks for reading my brain dump of thoughts. I'd love to hear about your mindset and thoughts when you were first at this point in Buffy!
tl;dr: Show lives up to the hype (thus far). Started off wanting Buffy & Angel together but now I'm fully team Spike.
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2018.07.24 19:03 moe11436 ABC Fall Premiere Dates: XL Grey's, Nathan Fillion's Rookie, The Conners (Minus Roseanne) and More

ABC Fall Premiere Dates: XL Grey's, Nathan Fillion's Rookie, The Conners (Minus Roseanne) and More submitted by moe11436 to television [link] [comments]

2018.07.14 20:01 GamesFictionFan What things do you think will mostly like see at the show's Comic Con Panel in about 5-6 days.

I've compiled a list of potential options and if you there's more to add please say so in the comments:
A Release Date for Season 4 (Strong possible this August or early September with the delay of the newest book which could contain spoilers)
Footage from Season 4
An announcement of Globgore's voice actor (Like I've said I think some good choices for Globgore would be guys like Mark Hamill, James Earl Jones, Josh Brolin or Kevin Conroy. For all we know they could throw a curve ball and have it be someone like Chris Pratt or Nathan Fillion.)
Official art from Season 4 like character models and backgrounds
Some info on the plot of the season
I'd like to hear your guy's thoughts. Please feel free to comment.
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2018.07.11 22:44 fecsmith Nathan Fillion hinting at Uncharted related news this Monday?

Nathan Fillion just posted a picture of Drake to his Instagram accompanied by this Monday's date, and a quote from Uncharted: "Sic Parvis Magna"
He was always my first choice for a live action version of Nathan Drake (especially compared to Mark Wahlberg), so even at hint at something like this is exciting...
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2017.12.16 06:06 pierced_poet So... My Santa need a time for me to be home for delivery of my gift

My santa (who sounds totally awesome from his/her messages to me) just asked me what time I'd be home on the 22nd/23rd for delivery of my gift? I know they are based in the USA - so unless they are hoping on a plane and coming round, I presume a delivery person/peoples are coming by then....
The 23rd is also my birthday so would be funny if it does arrive then, but knowing that it is going to arrive on a certain day is both exciting and painful (I want it to be the 22nd now) ... I wonder if this is what pregnant women feel like waiting for their due date?!
Serious question though, I wonder what it could be that they need to know a specific time im going to be home... Im hoping for a basket of puppies!! Or Nathan Fillion... Guess away....
Edit - It arrived: See what I got here
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Nathan Fillion and Girlfriend arrive at Marvel's 'Captain ... Nathan Fillion of Castle & Mikaela Hoover leaving Super Premiere After Party in Hollywood! Nathan fillion sexy and i know it - YouTube Olivia and Lorenzo on set with Castle star Nathan Fillion ... Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion Top 5 questions Castle ... and their real life partners - YouTube Nathan Fillion & Morena Baccarin @ FACTS Spring 2017

Has Nathan Fillion been Married? A Long Dating and ...

  1. Nathan Fillion and Girlfriend arrive at Marvel's 'Captain ...
  2. Nathan Fillion of Castle & Mikaela Hoover leaving Super Premiere After Party in Hollywood!
  3. Nathan fillion sexy and i know it - YouTube
  4. Olivia and Lorenzo on set with Castle star Nathan Fillion ...
  5. Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion Top 5 questions
  6. Castle ... and their real life partners - YouTube
  7. Nathan Fillion & Morena Baccarin @ FACTS Spring 2017

Castle - Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic Talk Handcuffs - Duration: 5:41. The Paley Center for Media 786,167 views. 5:41. Castle Season 7 Bloopers - Duration: 6:45. cinemagia 504,019 views. Comic-Con 2010 - Castle Panel - Nathan Fillion Reads a page of a Rick Castle Book - Duration: 4:36. emmahyphenjane 454,299 views. 4:36. Nathan Fillion pays a special visit to a stroke survior fan. Please click on the link above to visit our website and remember to subscribe to this channel! Actor Nathan Fillion and his Girlfriend... Nathan Fillion & Morena Baccarin Saturday Panel @ FACTS Spring 2017 Questions: #1 movies, shows or voice-overs? #2 stolen something from a set? #3 smuggle so... Who is Nathan Fillion Dating? Who is Nathan Fillion's girlfriend? Who is Nathan Fillion's wife? Is Nathan Fillion single? Who is Nathan Fillion married to? W... Olivia and Lorenzo on set with Castle star Nathan Fillion in Los Angeles. Olivia and Lorenzo on set with Castle star Nathan Fillion in Los Angeles. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.