Dating violance

Dating Violence is violence committed by a person, who is in or has been in a social relationship of a romantic of intimate nature with the Complainant. The existence of such a relationship shall be determined based on the Complainant’s statement and with consideration of the length of the relationship, the type of relationship, and the ... About Dating Violence; It's About Power and Control This wheel represents a snapshot of what a violent teen dating relationship looks like. While it doesn't cover every survivor's experience, it does portray the most common tactics teen abusers use against their dating partners. Dating Violence Injunction F.S. 784.046 Dating Violence The dating relationship must have existed within the past six months, the nature of the relationship must have been characterized by the expectation of affection or sexual involvement between the What is Dating Abuse? Dating abuse (also known as dating violence, intimate partner violence, or relationship abuse) is a pattern of abusive behaviors -- usually a series of abusive behaviors over a course of time -- used to exert power and control over a dating partner. Every relationship is different, but the things that unhealthy and abusive relationships have in common are issues of power ... The term “dating violence” means violence committed by a person who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the victim and where the existence of such a relationship shall be determined based on a consideration of the following factors: the length of the relationship; the type of relationship; and the ... Dating Violence Prevention Healthy relationships consist of trust, honesty, respect, equality, and compromise. 1 Unfortunately, teen dating violence—the type of intimate partner violence that occurs between two young people who are, or who were once in, an intimate relationship—is a serious problem in the United States. Dating Violence - Dating violence is a pattern of assaultive and controlling behaviors that one person uses against another in order to gain or maintain power in the relationship. The abuser intentionally behaves in ways that cause fear, degradation and humiliation to control the other person. Forms of abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional and psychological. Dating violence is physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse from a romantic or sexual partner. It happens to women of all races and ethnicities, incomes, and education levels. It also happens across all age groups and in heterosexual and same-sex relationships. Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a serious public health problem that is disturbingly common among adolescents and young adults ages 10 to 24. In fact, it is by far the most prevalent type of youth violence, and it impacts our nation's youth regardless of gender, race, socioeconomic class, or sexual orientation.Approximately 1 in 3 teens in the U.S. is a victim of teen dating violence, which ... Dating violence is part of a pattern of behavior called dating abuse. It is defined as the physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional violence within a dating relationship, including stalking. It can occur in person or electronically and might occur between current or former dating partner.

Weird day

2020.06.25 21:07 BjarniEinars Weird day

I did write earlier this week. But to put into aspect my life. Loving GF Wonderful son Im working a manual labor job this summer, but have a startup company funded and going up like a rocket ship. Just all funding goes to development hence my manual labor job.
I think im just really really tired which I´m I got late home after a al-anon meeting (second one since I started again)
I went to al-anon for 4 years and felt amazing and then life got busy and I felt so good I thought Hey im done. OFC this was not the case the reason for me feeling good where the meetings and the steps.
So going back in 110% and never leaving again.
My problem is my head not the alcoholic which I dont really speak to anymore and has been sober for 10 years.
Now since I have qualified myself finally haha ;)
I had this weird feeling and having a hard time shaking it off. Im just waiting for the company to launch. Until then I work from 7 am to 15 pm. Then I pick up my son at 16:00 and I´m alone with him until 18:00 when my GF comes home. Then he goes to sleep and I go to bed at 9 pm.
My job was given to me by the unemployment office and Im working with 17-20 year olds and its outside and manual labour.
When I was walking with my son after picking him up I had this feeling. Im not lifting anymore dont have the energy or time really. I dont really work a grownup job and I have a cash-flow problem (not broke cash-flow problem can be fixed broke is a state of mind ;) ) I dont really see anyone else except for al-anon meetings and Im working my way up from some weird anxiety and depression this winter.
My thought was and I know its old and probably out of date. I dont feel like a man or grown man.
I work a job ment for young people with a shit pay, I get my son out of kindergarten and take care of him. Im not in a impressive job or lifting weights. I felt like shouldn't a MAN be someone that comes home late from the office cause he is busy, lift weights and all the classic cliches
I know that this is out of date, stupid and so on. I should and in ways am happy I can spent time with my son. I still feel inadequacy.
I have a lot to be proud of. Im a good person, Im in good shape, good relationship and a healthy son(maybe on the spectrum remains to be seen). Im not struggling with money and my startup is gaining media attention and government support and investors asking about us.
I still get this picture of what I should be like and what Im like. Think don draper (the facet and not the inner turmoil) or Tony soprano (with out the cheating and violance) When I see my self I just see a grown boy that fell short.
Somewhere in my head and heart I know Im doing good and have felt that way. Just this started to pop in.
Any advice or something?
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2020.06.16 02:54 Critasaur I dont trust my SIL anymore

Ok so me and my sister in law used to get along very well even talked about her being the kids god mother ( i have 2 girls a 3yr and 1yr)
Now about 3ish months ago SIL started dating this new guy I will call Nazi (because he is indeed a natzi) Now when they started dating she wouldnt tell us much about him and oh wow this guys is a massive carer criminal. Lots of theft and violance, hate crimes (he also has a lovely natzi tattoo). Now I am a big believer in some people change. So me and my husband talked about it and agreed that we would both need to meet this guy before we let him around our little kids.
My husband explained this to her and let her know that we werent comfortable with him at the house and she supposedly understood this. Now he would come with her and she would come in the house and visit for like half hour at max while this guy sat inside the car and waited (we were ok with this.)
So about a week ago SIL and Natzi came over while us, my BIL and MIL were outside having a small bbq. ( mil lives with us and bil lives close by and comes by for dinner frequently) and her and natzi came into our yard. I started getting anxiety because i had still never even met this guy and we had explained to sil several times we were not comfortable with him being here (mil is also pretty old and paranoid and afraid of him) and she was trying to like force my kids to play with him and i was getting livid, my husband just keept reasuring we will keep an eye on them and to not freak out (because i was gunna yell at them) (now for some background my husbands family is very close and they just kind of accept the shitty things they do by defending family is family, they also dont believe in cutting family out. I grew up in a very abusive house hold and have cut off almost everyone in my family)
So they leave after a half hour and me and mil are raging that she did this. Husband and BIL are pissed she did that but are more of what can ya do mindset. I told my husband im not comfortable with her being around my kids of she is so easily going to discard or feelings and our kids saftey. And he agreed to a point buf again you just dont cut out family. So he said he would talk to her and reiterate that he is not welcome.
Well late last night he got arrested for shooting up a local bar and trying to kill several people.this for me was the final straw for me and I snapped. I told my husband that I dont care if he keeps a relationship with her but she will not see our kids. She knew what kind of person he was and she not only put that around my kids but tried to force it. And im not comfortable having someone who has such disregard for my kids saftey around.
Now my husbands 2 sisters live in another state and are coming over to visit 4th of july weekend. We know Sil(one with natiz) is gunna wanna come over and visit the sisters visiting. Me and MIL do not want her here. At all. So my husband said he would talk to his other siblings see what they think. He hasnt talked to his sisters yet but his brother thinks i am overreacting and that sil did nothing wrong.
So I dont know what to do. Should I not care about her being around my kids? Am I right to not want her to be around my kids? Am I just over protective?
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2020.04.04 00:43 Expensive_Park Mother Can Take Property Crying Wolf..

Hi Guys, I am a 23 year old male and live in Victoria, and I can't wrap my head around Family/Criminal law in this state if you are a male! In 2015 I was gifted money to buy land and build a house, from my mother, she received a huge TAC payout, she kept the money in a joint bank account with my father. Since 2011 she has had a lot of involvement with police and CAT team as she was committing Family Violance against my father, sister and myself. In Feb 2019 she physically assaulted my sister who has many disabilities and was removed from my home as my dad and I were witnesses. She went "cop shopping" for a month after this from Melbourne to Ballarat until she got a newly minted constable to believe her lies whom subsequently went to a magistrate's court and just based on her outright lies had interim IVOS granted and all three of us were kicked out of my home that evening. We were sick as I suffer a heart condition, my dad has renal cancer and my poor younger sister has too much to mention. My sister and I have both become suicidal and even though we received professional care, they can't help us when the legal system is against you. We lost our combined savings of $45k as we lived out of hotels as there was no emergency accommodation anywhere. We eventually found a sympathetic real estate agent and now have a home. We waited 8 months for a contested hear at end of last year it went nowhere. Magistrate didn't show up, last minute magistrate assigned, he was angry and didn't care, said it was a waste of his time and court resources, anyways long story short, the police prosecutor wanted to run the hearing over a few extra days into this year the final date being in October. We were advised to consent without admission and that we would appeal this matter at the County Court as all my mum had was her lies and NO evidence, neither did police. When it came time our legal aid lawyers informed us that for ethical reasons because of their advice we could not get their representation days out from the appeal hearing, we showed up unrepresented and even though the judge found and was sympathetic about the clerical error made by the clerks at the magistrstes court stated it was out of time! So I got some legal advice and was told to go to the Supreme Court and take out a section 53A to repossess property, I was given a grant of aid by the court for a probono barrister who is a QC, he advised me that even though she has no legal grounds/evidence and she has been very loose with the truth that if he was to cross examine her he would easily establish that she has no credibility and can nail my mother with serious perjury, but thanks to the current climate the trial is run via email submissions he cant. And although I have conclusive evidence that I am a gifted major and the sole titled owner and solely contributed to rates, bills, home improvement and furnishings and she barely lived there she CAN still take ownership of my home because of these 3 points he said to me: 1. She is a female 2. Coercion ( no evidence ) 3. Domestic Violence (no evidence)
He even thinks she will pull this off at the Family Court where my dad is involved in their property separation (new cars, and $ several hundreds of thousands she ran off with from joint account) me as a second responded where she wants 100% ownership of my home. So there you go guys, someone can just cry wolf and if they are female they can hammer you in court without any proof/evidence, have all free legal assistance and walk away with everything!
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2020.01.06 17:35 asrtw2 Just to be clear

To Iranian people of the most important things in life is family and friendship and it's a custom that when an important person dies people mourn amd avoid any violance for some specific days after that in the recent case (there was several funeral ceremonies held) but this time ends after 2 days(in this case) so basically have fun and be there for your family but the real war is probably gonna start after tomorrow in Iranian's time(date)
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2019.10.15 15:13 keina172512 WIBTA if I told my sister I don't accept her fiancé to be a part of our family?

Not on mobile but suck at proof reading, spelling and stuff, some things are changed to keep everyone in the story anonymous, english is not my first language yada yada yada..... You get the idea. Also i'm going to try to only keep relevant things in this story, if anyone has questions feel free to comment.
Due to the original post being a mess and feeling the need to add many edits, i'll just rewrite the post to better explain myself. I do apologise for any inconvenience and confusion, i'll try to make it a lot more clear and detailed (without mentioning anyone's name or other personal info that might cause some people to be able to identify the people in the story)
This story involves me (18F), my sister (20F), my sister's fiancé (21M) as well as my younger brother (16M) and my parents who are both above 50 years old. For some reason some people find this information important so i'm adding it here.

My sister has been in a long distance relationship for about 3-4 years, that i'm aware of at least. This man that she is dating lives on the other side of the globe from where we live. My sister nor my family has ever met this man in person and my sister is the only one speaking to him at all. My sister and her fiancé video chat a lot and I have seen him every now and then because my sister likes to video chat wherever she goes. Outside, kitchen, bathroom, everywhere, but I pay them no mind. Despite the fact that we do not know this man whatsoever, I mean my dad fouhnd out what his name was a few days ago, my sister insists on calling us "his family" and usually provides a sob story about his living conditions and that he is the black sheep of his family.
Side note: I don't like this guy, because he and my sister went on a crusade to separate me and my ex who were a guy in my age who was from Germany. They would both spam my inbox with "proof" that he is a nazi, a jew (as if it was a bad thing?), would call me a naziwhore and my sister would throw a tantrum if I would not break up with my partner. I spoke with the fiancé and he fully supported my sister. I was having none of it and blocked them both out of social media and my life. He also likes to share and tag memes and posts which includes violance and the right to abuse and rape women. My brother is friend with fiancé on facebook and if they tag eachother in a comment or post it sometimes appear to brothers friends, my parents happen to be friends with my brother on facebook. That was a few years ago though, and people can change.
Over a year ago I found out that my sister got engaged to his fiancé, he proposed via skype and then sent the ring which my sister claim is a 4 carat gold ring. He has given her many more expensive gifts. I thought nothing of it, and thought that they were going to split up before they actually got to get married due to the distance and their on and off relationship. They would break up for a week, then get back together, then it would be a few days, then breaking up, back together a few weeks after that etc. etc. etc. Recently I found out that my sisters fiancé is going to "visit" my sister in our country. A few days ago I was told by my sister that they're going to get married once he arrives in our country in less than 3 weeks and apply for a partnership visa and become a citizen of my country. I would be alright if he had somwhere to stay, however, he has not booked a hotel or has a friend to stay with and he has no money to book a hotel. My sister has convinced him that he can stay with us in our apartment. However, she has yet to mention this to our parents. I took it upon myself to tell them a few days ago because I suspect that she is going to demand that he stays with us the day/hours before he arrives in our country and my parents will feel obligated to take him into our home so that he doesnt live on the street. She has done this before and my parents have given in a few times to skip the drama. My parents know nothing of this man, nor do I other than how he has treated me in the past. He could have changed though and be the nicest man on earth, I cant tell, but i'm really not comfortable with having him in our apartment 24/7.
To the question, would I be the asshole if I told my sister that I do not want to be called "his family" whether or not they're married. Am I in the wrong as to not want anything to do with the guy, or should I give him a chance?
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2019.10.12 23:20 sheldongelinas I am terrified.. am I a bad and horrible human being?

I have had a good childhood from 0 to 10 years old, around 11 my step dad cheated on my mom with a girl on world of warcraft, an online game, at some point they started skyping, after a while he decided to make the next move, move to california, the worst moments ive had in my life.. you will know why, so around 12 my step dad framed my moms signature so that way we have to go in california with him.. my mom was doing drugs and it wasnt really good, sadly i could notice because my step dad brough us to california, at some point of that one year... i started school in california, the first weeks wasnt easy, bein bullied all the time, being mistreated.. i wasnt living happy over there.. it kept going on and on and imma skip a part of the story cuz 13 years old and 14 it was constantly my step dad hitting me when i wasnt doing choires, even when we were eating he would hit me behind the head for no specific reason.. So around 15 another school year started life wasnt still any good, the bully and my step dad mistreating me.. this is awful.. you know whats worse.. literally tears coming out when typing this part.. My step brother was waking up in the night... and has raped me multiple times for over 8 months.. it was really not fun.. it was awful.. at 16 i was desperate and sad.. bullied all the time still.. but this time it got worse.. a guy at school made a fake account with my name and decided to send fake dick pics to ruin my reputation.. it worked.. it worked so well that i got called in the principals office.. i knew my step dad was gonna beat me badly this time.. i decided to run away that day.. oh and also i started smoking weed at 16, so i went to my friend house and smoked weed with him.. one day later my step dad found out where i was through snapchat.. and another day after he sent me back in california.. FINALLY i thought.. my mom was doing great and all.. from 16 to 17 it was not to bad tbh, but 16 in the ending. my mom met a violent guy.. they dated.. he was violent with my mom.. he was using psychological violence and verbal violance with me. he never has hit me. i remember him saying to my mom ''I HOPE YOURE SCARED!' multiple times.. i called the cops that one day he said that.. theres more to it but its to awful to say right now.. he was even hitting his dog.. so anyways after calling cops he ran away to an other province, wasnt found till 4 months ago hes in prison now for up to 10 years. he did the same thing with his ex, he beat the shit out of his ex in front of his OWN son......... i was still a weed smoker and the more things didnt go well.. the more i smoked.. at last month before my birthday.. of 18.. was the worse.. 7-12 grams a day nonstop of weed.. and it was just.. awful i went through a psychosis episode.. if you dont know what that is ill send description after this.. but anywys after 18 i was smoking less but at some point it was enough.. i couldnt take it anymore oh and in my psychosis i was close to kill myself cuz i was at my window, one foot out, ready to jump. my mom caught me in time she went in my room right when i was gonna do it.. oh.. and i was abusing pills similar to xanax, 3-8 pills a day, sniffin, eating.. same thing with cocaine, and speed. except those other drugs way less.. but in october i went through therapy.. havent smoked since then..
Mental Illnesses: Generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, ADHD, and depression
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2019.08.11 00:16 NovaSociete Warm Armenian family life vs. The current Western egocentric individualism

Lately the extreme leftist Armenians engaged an attempt to rewrite and redefine on what Armenian traditional family life means. This mostly consisted of cheap misrepresentations and presenting the worst examples as being the main drive of our traditional family life (which actually proved to be more stable, lovely and meaningful than the current Western family life that mostly got deconstructed by the academic, cultural and media influences of Cultural Marxism, harmful parts of capitalism/hypermaterialism and egecontrism/hedonism that replaced any sense of belonging and higher transcendent goals).
So lets finally honestly compare which culture is significantly better when it comes to family life (if we left out the frustrated rants of the very hip, modern and (((progressive))) Armenians who follow the “Its cool to recklessly bitch about our own people who don’t follow our holy Western standards” bandwagon).
Armenian Family Life and Way of bonding/commitment
• ⁠When we date each other, we have the intention to look at the possibilies of engaging a long term relationship that eventually will lead to marriage and start a family.
• ⁠We don’t see our women as sexual objects but as future mothers and loving wives. So they are not meant for our lusts and need to be respected.
• ⁠Even before marrying, we make sure to involve our parents and create a stronger bond so our families can unite with each other (collectivism > individualism).
• ⁠After the marriage the other family members are still involved to assist and support you with matters like raising up children, relationship issues or maybe help you out from certain financial problems. We always look for each other.
• ⁠During the marriage there are clear roles and functions that the husband and wife NATURALLY are taking on them.
• ⁠Husband: keeps the peace at home, loves his wife and makes her feel the queen of the castle, loves his wife unconditionally and does everything to fulfil her demands, makes his wife confident and lets her feel special, provides for the needs of his wife and kids, takes important decisions, sets out the essential moral values of the family, is a natural leader that radiates dominance without even forcefully demanding authority, protects his daughter from intruders who have bad intentions with her (also teaches her how to recognize wrong men and how to bond with men in a more healthy way) - she also needs to understand the concept of the worth of intimacy and selfrespect, explains to his son what being a man is, the concept of honour and how to take responsibility for his own actions + teach him how to recognize girls who are suited for marriage. Makes sure his kids grow up with Christianity and Armenian culture (language, history, literature, music, nationalism, traditionalism, customs, moral norms). But the most important thing is that the husband must be wise, intelligent, self-controlling and be righteous so that his wive and kids take him seriously and trust him when they follow his direction.
Wife: she is the safe haven of the home and very caring for the whole family. She decides how the house is run, takes care of the household and is the architect of the appearance of the house (interior etc.). She supports her husband to become more successful and gives him confidence and hope, loves him UNCONDITIONALLY even when he gets struck by misfortune, always doing effort to look good for her husband. Her traits are soft, elegent, classy and she cares the pride of the family with her. She knows when to stop with her stubbornes and hysteria to maintain the good vibes/atmosphere at home. She recognizes when she must admit the dominance of the man - especially when her emotional outbreaks are counterproductive so the man needs to step in and bring some sense/ratio to the situation (because she understands when the man is acting up to regulate the conflict - im not talking about using force/violance, for any idiots who misreads this). The wife must be like a second girlfriend to her daughter and teach her everything what it means to be a good loving wife and protects her from the filth of the outside world (oversexualization, degeneracy, wrong men, harmful subcultures). Every other aspects of giving them the Christian and Armenian heritage that I described in the section of the husband are similar.
Here comes the most important part.
• ⁠when the husband and wife have huge disagreements, we don’t immediately think about the benefits of divorce and alimony but we FIRSTLY think about our kids. Its hard for some to understand but your pride, ego and promiscuous choices should never be above the well being of your children. Of course its totally justifiable to divorce when your partner cheats on you by being a filthy animal that risks his family for a cheap skank or being a whore that shames his whole family for a quick fuck. But im talking about divorcing each other because of retarded shit like carrière choices, “midlife-crisis”, being bored with each other, claiming to not have any feelings anymore, when one of the partners doesnt take care of his/her appearance anymore, having many childish fights, having conflicts with other family members or you don’t live the same luxurious life anymore because of some financial setbacks < if these things are reason enough to divorce and ruin the life of your children, than you’re an asshole and an egotistical piece of shit that doesn’t deserve to be called a good mothefather. Unfortunetely these things have become very common these days but have nothing to do with our own Armenian family values. These things are clearly a product of Western comfort, decadence and selfish individualism that where normalized after the Sexual Revolution (60s) and the Secularization of the Western society (70s).
Now lets look at the family life and moral values that are mainly present in the secular-liberal communities of the Western white people.
• ⁠Most interactions that girls and boys in the current generation have is very shallow. They only seek for quick impulsive pleasures and short relationships without too many strings attached
• ⁠The perception that the most Western men towards women have is not very respectable or honorable. They sexually objectify most women and make use of the Sexual Revolution by exploiting the availability of these girls bodies (who are idiotic enough to think that this is somehow “empowerment”). Their society is very sex obsessed and puts value on reaching degenerate sexual goals.
• ⁠Their bonding is very soulless, cold and materialistic. They don’t care about starting a family that much “if it happens it happens”. Hedonism is more important because kids will only restrict them from going to party’s or fucking around with different men/women. Children are also expensive (according to their rethoric).
• ⁠Spirituallity is almost non-existent for them, so the marriage doesnt have any sanctity or meaning in their world view. They rather identify with pop-culture and entertainment industry.
• ⁠The involvement of other family members is not very intense. “To each his own” is their life motto, so selfish individualism diminishes any warm bonds between the other family members.
I will be very short about their gender roles in the family.
• ⁠They don’t believe in any standards because everything is just a “social-construct”, so be apathetic, nihilistic and follow what FEELS good for YOURSELF without taking any other considerations. Their men are effeminized and cucked, thats why the West is declining in this current state. As much as women claim to not want being dominated, its clear that the contemporary emancipation gap made them more frustrated because their men have become bunch of spineless pussies who can’t take the lead, cant make their women feel feminine about themselves, or can give any moral direction. Thats why there is a huge trend in my country (The Netherlands) where you see a lot of Dutch girls going for Arabs, Turks and conservative Africans because their own Dutch men are boring, docile, cold and can’t satisfy them because they are so modified and fragile.
• ⁠And why bother to raise your kids and give them proper legacy about your culture, moral values and wisdom when you also can let the society raise them? They dont want to think a lot, be critical against the current establishment that turns people into consumeristic mass products and just want to embrace the emptiness of postmodernity. Its easier to be a conformist and accept the norms that the school, media and entertainment industry projects on the public (in order to make them copies of indifferent obedient citizens that follow the same patterns to serve the agenda of multinational conglomerats). Its just a matter of time until this Neo-liberal, Cultural Marxist, Western Globalism society will fall.
That’s why I hate to see other Armenians being sucked away in the oblivion of this hollow existential void in which these secular, white liberals believe in. Its a shame that Armenians throw our own beautiful, unique and authentic culture away in order to get confirmation from irrelevant non-Armenian groups (who arrogantly claim to possess the sole entitlement of what “progress” is) or feeling some kind of misguided superiority when they disassociate from our traditionalism, Christian values and conservatism to feel superior and boost their ego/narcissism.
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2019.06.18 19:02 OkayMolasses Birth of Violance will be released September 13th. (Link for tour dates in comments)

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2019.05.09 01:19 vespic A rough summarization on Moojin
The rough translation of the origial Korean post.
  1. He was benched, wasn't happy about it and talked about it with the fan. He talked about how he was better in scrims, etc.
  2. There was no threatening. Whoever posted that article doesn't know Korean at all.
  3. About the date violance phrase. The original post said the Moojin used it as a joke.
  4. Moreover, there are no other posts about what they were talking about beforehand. They only posted the parts where Moojin talked about date violance. In fact, they only posted about 8~10 pictures of the entire chat during about 6~8 months.
So Moojin was benched, wasn't happy out it, started to talk with his fangirls a lot more(In fact the original post said that Moojin cleanly stopped talking to those who didn't want to talk with him).
The Korean community are understandable about Moojin flirting with his fangirls(but not positive about it), but they think Moojin went too far with the joke on date violance & talking about the team's situation to an outsider.
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2018.10.01 19:14 The_Post_ Team LAZARUS RAINN Campaign is live + LAZ #29 & #30 updates

For immediate release to all Carlyle Domains :
As previously stated, Team LAZARUS is fundraising for RAINN. 100% of the proceeds will go towards RAINN.
Further info on the campaign and updates regarding the release of LAZARUS #29 & #30 can be found on Greg Rucka's Tumblr page here
(For those on mobile, below is the content of the post)
We’ve launched a new fundraiser campaign through Bonfire to support RAINN, because…
…well, if we have to explain why we’re doing this, I don’t even know where to begin.
RAINN, for those of you who may not know of the organization, is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violance organization. We at Team Lazarus believe they are worthy of our support, and hope you’ll join us. All proceeds from the sales of these shirts go to RAINN. The campaign will run for 15 days from today, and our goal is to sell 50 shirts, though of course we won’t complain if we can sell more than that.
Thank you very much for your support.
While I’ve got your attention, an update on the upcoming release dates. The first of our quarterly format issues, LAZARUS 29, is scheduled for March, with issue 30 planned for June, and the end of the “FRACTURE I” arc in October. The dates look good on our end, and I’ll be posting some of Michael’s preview art in the next few hours here and on the LAZARUS Tumblr.)
Further source from Michael's twitter -
As always make sure to tune into Carlyle upFront with Sere Cooper & Sean Carlton on CEEtv this evening for all your latest news analysis in the Carlyle Domain.
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2018.10.01 19:10 _AlphaZulu_ Team LAZARUS RAINN Campaign is live + LAZ #29 & #30 updates

For immediate release to all Carlyle Domains :
As previously stated, Team LAZARUS is fundraising for RAINN. 100% of the proceeds will go towards RAINN.
Further info on the campaign and updates regarding the release of LAZARUS #29 & #30 can be found on Greg Rucka's Tumblr page here
(For those on mobile, below is the contents of the post)
We’ve launched a new fundraiser campaign through Bonfire to support RAINN, because…
…well, if we have to explain why we’re doing this, I don’t even know where to begin.
RAINN, for those of you who may not know of the organization, is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violance organization. We at Team Lazarus believe they are worthy of our support, and hope you’ll join us. All proceeds from the sales of these shirts go to RAINN. The campaign will run for 15 days from today, and our goal is to sell 50 shirts, though of course we won’t complain if we can sell more than that.
Thank you very much for your support.
While I’ve got your attention, an update on the upcoming release dates. The first of our quarterly format issues, LAZARUS 29, is scheduled for March, with issue 30 planned for June, and the end of the “FRACTURE I” arc in October. The dates look good on our end, and I’ll be posting some of Michael’s preview art in the next few hours here and on the LAZARUS Tumblr.)
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2018.01.19 19:09 throwaway1121123345 Too much things pilled up.

Hello everyone , I would like to let everyone know before i start my story. I am not gonna fix my spelling mistakes in the text cause i probably wont feel like reading it again. The process of writing it down to the world makes me calm down mainly thats the reason i am making this post to begin with.
I honestly am so lost and alone in the world. I am completely lost to what i want to do and if i want to do anything at all. From a young age i had to deal with domestic issues from my family. My Father never wanted kids and was an alcoholic even before me and my sister was born. He never told me that , but i always knew due to the fact that he left when my sister was born for the first few years and he never once in his life said that he was happy to have either of us. But for me he was never a problem , i knew hes a drunk. Drunks are drunks , ignore and move on. As i grew older i understood that. Even tho he made some disgusting deceisions in life , like steal money from me and my sister, violance , rage, complete and utter lack responsibilities when it comes to everything else except drinking. I never really liked him even as a child i remember never looking up at him being proud , maybe i subconsciously understood what kind of a man he is. Once he tried to touch me in an inappropriate way but i got away. He never tried it again , i think he was just too out of it that day. As a child my life was chaotic due to the domestic violance between my mother and my father, when i was around 7-9 my mother left for the first time without saying a single word to any of us. I still remember to this day so clearly how my sister was crying on her bed the whole night looking at a picture of our mother crying her heart out. I remember pretending to sleep and just listen to her cry. I wanted to help her somehow,comfort but i was 3 years younger than her and did not fully understood yet what is happening. I just convinced in my head that she just went to a friends or somewhere. She was an okay woman in the begining of my life (except for violance ,rage and occasional curse word thrown your direction). But at the end of the day it felt like she cared and as a child you cant help but care for your mother. Its simple biology if you think about it. 3 days have passed no call , no nothing. me and my sister convinced ourselves she died. Life too the first piece of me. My father of course being older and knowing that he has been a shitty husband and a shitty person knew what was going on but did not tell us , just drinked more. My sister was quite mature for her age. So she helped cook and clean around the house , and i honestly do not remember what i did that much during that time i just remember how i felt and the more important things but not my everyday life i suppose. a couple of months later she came back, to our surprise she said nothing about it. They both said nothing. They both acted like literally nothing happened, i tried to talk about it so many times with them and my sister but everyone kept telling me to shut up and just do what youre supposed to. The next half a year i noticed how different they both were. My mother became way more agressive , she hit me with the metal part of the belt a few times in my head opening a wound. Slaped me around more, completely destroyed my self-worth. Weirdly enough , everyone was fine with my sister. Maybe its because she was less curious and more supportive of them , asked less questions. While i was suffering , they paid for her holidays. School, special tutors, fancy clothes. I unfortunately had all the cheap options since we were quite poor. Living on the below minimum wage, in a small 1 room apartment with 4 people. I never really got new clothes except for one time in a year , i always had to wear my sisters old clothes. Since i am a boy , i had to experiance alot of bullying due to that fact. Older kids used to beat me up, even if i fight back they used to come with bigger groups and just play around with me , hold me down , while other punches etc. I remember always one instance, when that happened and my sister saw it , but instead of doing anything she just loughed. For some reason it still bothers me. Half a year more passed my mother left again without saying anything. This time for a year, now im a bit older 12-13. My father kept going into the drinking patern nothing changes. My sister is doing well academically , while i am completely failing it. Since we go to the same school, all the teachers and all the children compare her to me. They judge me cause i cant wear nice clothes like her , that im not smart like her. But i never had fancy totours , nooone bought me shit. How can they not understand. I couldint study , i came back home i was bullied . I went to school i was bullied. My head was a mess. But i started to feel less and less, i started to accept stuff. finally when i am 14 my mother comes back and out of nowhere hands my father divorce papers. She says shes done , she found a new man she dosent need him anymore. Tells me and my sister to come with her. My sister instantly says yes. I on the other hand, cannot look her in the eyes without feeling disgusts. I stay with my father. During this period of time while i lived with him , he was always drunk , never bought any food , i survived on rice alone. Sometimes randomly he would come back with alot of money and just spend it on me , and the next day he used to yell at me that he bought me shit and take it back. Over and over , it dosent sound too bad , but it made me feel like i was the wrong one. Everyone was happy except me atleast in their own messed up ways. I always stayed up at night on the internet , watching stuff, writing , reading etc. But everytime he came back to work it was late and he told me to go to sleep in the same bed with him. For some reason i didint refuse , he didint touch me , but the smell of alcohol and his disgusting fat body sweating and stinking all over the room. Still gives me nightmares sometimes i used to just sleep on the floor cause i couldint take it anymore. After a year of that i was looking awful. My hair was long , people confused me and called me a girl all the time which didint help my self confidence. Even my best friend , who i told that all i wanted to do at 14 is have a family and kids(I guess its cause i had a fucked up family and as a kid i wanted to experiance what a good family is) he went around my back and told evreyone . And everyone told me im too ugly and disgusting to have kids. I couldint take it anymore , i cuted my hair short myself ( i dont know why i did not do that before) and went to my mother saying that i want to live with her now. To my suprised she said yes, and after the rought conversation with my father during which he blamed me for leaving and told me that i dont deserve him and its my fault that hes drinking so much i packed my bags and left. Im around 15 now, for the first few months it was so much fun ! My sister and i started to get along more, cause she started to more and more resent my perents as well. So it felt nice atleast we had eachother bags. My mother was acting nice too! her boyfriends coolest guy ever! i thought that its amazing , i changed my life a bit and felt more positive. MY school grade avarage was almost perfect and i felt like im getting better till, one day i couldint fall asleep. and i just layed on the bed the whole night. Around the middle of the night i heard my mother and her boyfriend have sex and it kinda woke me up even more. After they finally finished i thought its about time , im gonna get some rest. To my suprise , i randomly heard my name. We lived in a two room apartment so it wasint that weird to hear what the other people are talking about on the other side of the apartment. She told him, that i was a disgusting kid, she never wanted me , she dosent care about me, and that im a weirdo who dosent have friends and shes happy about it. I remember the boyfriends even trying to defend me a little bit , but she kept insisting that he dosent understand the real character of me and told him i was just pretending to get alont with him. That crushed me completely, i started failing at school again. I started fighting with my mother and her boyfriend more. Screaming at each other , sometimes physically fighting them both. I was not a little child anymore around this time i was 16 and i was angry. I was angry at everyone why did i have to go thru that ? i saw all those happy families i was so jealous. A little bit later my mother stopped seeing her boyfriend and found a new one, he was living far away so you gussed it. She moved again , and left me and my sister alone. Since my sister was already 18. We didint have money or anything , since neither of us had a job. So we survived on rice once again, my sister graduated school and got accepted in a wonderful university. She left me too.
There was i , about to turn 17. all alone , my mentality was not the best. I did not have any friends , i was failing school. Skipping so many classes , they kept threatening to throw me out. Sometimes more than 300 classes in a period which is around 6 months. And one day everything changed, i was watching a twitch steamer this girl. she was playing the same videogame as me. I started to chat with her a little bit, and little bit later developed a full crush on her. Since i never really had this in the past i did not know how to bring it up and i did not feel like i was worthy of having her. So after around a year of arguing with myself i cant take it anymore and i started writing to her all these messed up things to delete her from my life. It worked. shes gone. im all alone again , was it better to not love not even try i thought to myself. I kept thinking about it , i literally just sat in my apartment for weeks without leaving, barely eating. Till i couldint take it anymore and about few months later i added her on skype again . WE started talking. I apologized. Things were back to normal. I finally confessed my love!!!!
you wouldint believe it she felt the same fucking way all this time!!! I felt like for the first time in my life i have a person. Who wants me. Who wants me to exists who wants to have me. Who sees a reason for me , who dosent want me to stop existing. WE talked everyday , every second, every minute. From time to time my sister would visit me and we had nice chats aswell, we had eachother backs on an emotional level that time. I saw my father once a month at our monthly lunch. Which was unpleasant , he used to come in drunk and order a bunch of food and after tell us to run cause he has no money and bullshit like that. But i was 18 , i knew he was sick. I understood everything or so i thought. I finished my Gymnasium, with terrible scores since due to years of ignoring my studies i just wasint able to do everything in the last year of school. I did not know what i wanna do after, i did not have money to study and i wasint smart enough to get a financial help. And since nobody ever tought or explained anything to me about stuff like this i was completely cluesless. So i asked my girlfriend. YES WE STARTED DATING i know i know dream come true haha. she said shes gonna move to another country afte she finishes highschool in her own country . She had one more year , i asked where is she going and she told me. I asked dose she think what we have is real and does she look at it seriously . She said yes. I asked should i move to the same country to try to find a job so we could be together. She said yes. I forgot to mention i was working during that time quite a heavy manual job but it paid alright considering i live in a poor country. i saved up around 300euros( lets use euros cause im more familiar with them than dollars and the ammount is about right) and found a job in the other country. Fixed all my documents, packed all my stuff. And just went. I did not really know what to expect, i did not know the languages, the people , the places , i did not even know if the job was legit. The driver after driving for more than 2k kilometers told me to exit the bus. I stepped out i was just a middle of a random street, but after a bit of walking i finally found the employment agency that i was talking online. I went to the offices, they were expecting me. I talked with them , they told me to wait . I waited, and waited till a man finally came out. He told me to sign the contract i did , told me to go with him and we drove to a forest between two small towns. Inside the forest there were many small buildings, if you drive deeper in it you finally arrive to my new home, a trailor park. One trailor had 3 tiny rooms around 5m2 large"". We were living with 4 people inside, there was no internet and no heating. The job was of course manual labor , it was quite heavy but i could handle it. Everyday after work , i used to bike around 10 kilomters to the closest shop so i could use their internet to talk to my girlfriend. It was tiring , but i did it everyday , sometimes two days. Wake up 5 am. Go to work till 5pm. come home eat go to the store till the laptop runs out of battery come home recharge go back. That was my life for about 3 weeks , till i noticed that she is growing distant. She kept making these excuses that its her mothers birthday and that shes busy or some other things. I felt so stupid for going to the store everyday to get a few words out of her. I talked with my new roomates about it , and they kinda told me shes gonna dump me. But i refused to believe it. One more week passed and it was our first one year anniversary. I finished work and i thought this time ill go to a restourant. Sometimes i used to go to this small place they let me used the internet and were quite friendly . I walked in , ordered a cup of tea said hi to everyone. turn on my laptop. Open skype , see her name press call. hangs up. Call again. Hangs up. I asked her whats wrong. She tells me , shes not happy. She tells me shes in pain because she has to wait for me, She tells me that its unfair that i have to do these things. She tells me that she wants to be single. She tells me its over for now , and that we could try again when she comes to this country aswell. I had so many qeustions , tears go up my eyes. But i play it call, i just say bye and go home. During the road home cursing and crying my heart out hoping sameone would look the wrong way at me so i could just throw away my pain in blind anger. I come back home (I never drinked , did drugs at that point, smoked) and i saw my roomates bottle of vodka. I drinked it. I finally tell what happened to everyone , they try to help me but i am too emotional to help. I tell them i dont need that. The next day i wake up in the morning, and get a call. ITs the company they told me i was late too many times( was never late) and told me to get the hell out of the trailer and go back to my country. at this point im even more confused what is happening to me. I go out and buy a pack of cigarettes. And go to the store to use the internet. I tell what happened to my ex first. She tells me im an idiot , that i should just go back and not wait for her. I TELL HER i will wait for her. in my head im thinking that i need this to suceed she was the first person who cared for me so deeply , or atleast it felt that way. So i say to her i will manage to find a new job. and just to trust me, i tell the same to my mother and father they yell at me and tell me that i can get screwed and die in here , my grandmother said it too. I dont wanna get into the whole story of my grandfather he died 3 weeks before the trip and was a wonderful man, but he suffered from Alzheimer and i just dont wanna remember him. I want to remember him as i did when i was a kid. So i listen to all of them saying that shit to me , and i think to myself. Fuck this , i dont need to take this from them. IVE BEEN RAISING MYSELF WHAT HAVE THEY EVER DID FOR ME EXCEPT CONCEIVE ME. I tell them both to go to hell i tell everyone to go to hell i knew from my own country and that was the last time i talked with them. All of my older friends and my mother and father. I wake up the next day , hoping i will find a job. The Agency gave me 3 days to move out so i still had some time even tho it was not that much. BUt i knew i cant go back after saying all of that, come back where ? i have no place to come back to. So i wake up dress up in the nicest clothes i could find. and head out, sadly on my way there and while rocking out to pink floyd a car ran a red light and hit me. Broke my hand i forgot to mention it was my birthday , but i dont really care about birthdays so it wasint a big deal for me , but people always freak out when they hear about it. Since the agency fired me , my insurance got cancelled. so i had to pay my last money for the bill at the hospital. Here i was. No money, no job, broken hand and nowhere to go. What did i do ? i went from house to house talking smoothly to young girls asking if i could spend a night telling them im a traveler. (18+ you pervers im no pedo) and i got a place sometimes , sometimes not. But i had some intresting times, and met some intresting people it was suprisingly not that bad. the homeless experiance i mean. After my hand has healed i jumped to the first job i could find i wanted to eat afterall. It was a butchers job. Not the easiest job in the world 16hours a day sometimes. The most i did was 240 hous a month. I got pretty much nothing , since i was so young and they abused the law that lets you pay next to nothing to people under 24. But i had a house! the company owned it. Sure it was small and like 20 people lived inside , none of them talked english. But there was a small cat who slept with me which was the highlight of my day evertime(EVEN THO SHE PEED ON ME MORE THAN ONCE xD) i learned a bit of all sort of languages living there. Unfortunetly my depression came back a bit , but i started using weed around that time which helped me with it. After around a year of working there, i quit since i found some friends here that wanted to rent a house with them. Everything was fine for a while , i found a new job that paid really well! i finally in my life had money. Not too much but i could buy clothes , and stuff. Food, cigarettes etc. i lived there for about a year saving up quite a bit of money. MY ex was gone in my life cause she blocked me on all of my contacts. but i couldint stop thinking about her , which lead me to abusing girls. I felt no empathy towards people and especially women. I felt like they were sexual objects and nothing more. Till i met a girl i fell for a bit, we ended up dating and moving in together. And i ended up not noticing that she drained every cent of my bank account and made me miserable till it was too late. I pulled the plug on that one, but i was dead broke living in an apartment i cant afford. Which takes us to now. I am broke as fuck , addicted to drugs(Weed 10-15 grams a day, acid , amfetamine, krantom , shrooms, coke you name it i did it) day in and out. About a week ago i decided to stop using drugs. as a escape tool( im not planing on stopping using drugs, i enjoy it its one of the only times im happy, but my tolerance have builded up thruout the years so badly i am pushing myself into depth even more and the effects while in the past used to bring me joy , now only bring me paranoia and depression. And not the easy depression , the slap the motherfucker in the face depression.
im 24 right now, its been a week since i am clean off drugs. They are the only thing i can think about and i cant wait to use them again. I know its not healthy , i know im a dissapointment to the world. I know im a waste of space. I dont know whats gonna happen to me in the future. so im sitting right here now looking at my messages send from my perents thruout the years . All of them are very touching , and they are very sorry for what the they have done. Even tho i want to forgive them, cause now i realise that life is unfair. Life fucking sucks , and sometimes it can push you to do things you never imagined you would be doing. But i cant forgive them , i havent even seen my sister in 7 years. I CANT FACE ANYONE i know. When they knew me i was an innocent young boy crushed by everything around him . Now im a drug addict on withdrawal symptoms thinking about shaming my fist into a wall so the pain would distract me from thinking about drugs. I am not the same person. I am okey with that tho , even tho im depressed im suprisingly fine with myself being a drug addict. I just dont wanna face my past again , i dont know what to fucking do or feel anymore. thoIM SO confused , why ARE THEIR MESSGEES MAKING ME SAD they were the ones who made me into this fucking waste of space . I cant look at myself without hating everyting. IM such a hateful person , think doctor house , but stupid and not well spoken. aodfasdfiasdhfpahsdifoads
I dont know anything anymore. breaths in -breaths out Everything will be fine.
Thank you for letting me get this off my chest!
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2016.10.28 04:51 Darktiger26 The Change That Needs To Happen With Calgary Child And Family Services

Hi My name is Holly, thats as good a place to start as any.
My son is 2 an 9 months old, he spent approx 683 days in foster care, he came home to me under a SO (supervision order) July 13 2016. As of Oct. 26 2016 CFS (child and family service's) has forced me to consent for them to very our Order to allow them to give my son to his father who to date has had 5 hour once a week supervised visitation of our child. They won't be allowing me or my bf accsess to him untill Jan. 2017. I and my bf have been the soul cargivers to my child for 4 months. I and my son live on our own (just us), something happened and he hurt himself they are accusing me of causing it with no actual evadance to it, the mark that appeared on Tues Oct 24 2016 is now gone. In there words the mark was a hand print. I have several agancys involved including Inn from the cold, CUPs nurturing parent, Sheriff King home and several others.
History I was accused of not feeding my child correctly leading to a decline in health. We where living in shelter type enviroment at this time with case managment and up to 18 other mothers with children. Case workers and the other mothers had all given statments in regards to my childs health and how I was caring for him. CFS at this time had a saftey plan meeting where I was told my child was going to his father or they where going to take him (his father had just become involved 2 months prior, my son was 6 months old at that point). I was to agree to 5 days in that time the cfs worker would fact check all the information I had given her. I was not allowed to leave the meeting with any of my sons belongings I had brought for him because the father was unprepaird to cqre for my son (case workers words). The next day CFS supported a ex partie order for my sons father to have soul everything of my son (he was not a Guardian at this time). The judge allowed time for me to respond to the application. We went back to court day 3 of 5 that CFS told me I had to agree to allow my ex to have my son, my CFS worker at that time read my resonce and as we waited in case flow applied for a apprehension order, she then pulled us out of the court room to serve me. In the apprehension order a significant amount of information was incorrect such as Dr, medication, time and dates of hospital visitis. It was very concerning to me. My son was 11 months old at this point Dec 5 2014. My worker had refused to answer my quiestions and told me I can ask when we go to court. I lost my son, my housing, my Financial stability, and over all i was lost. I did not see my son for 2 weeks after that well they set up visitation. The weeks following before our Jan 2015 hearing date where bad. My son has still been ill, had attended a few visits with marks no one could explain. In Jan our hearing lasted from 9am-6:30pm where the judge renderee my son stay in care because his health had inproved, not much but more then it was over a month before. The months to follow quiestions went un answered, safty mappings where very veg and generic I was changed case workers. I found stability again in under 4 months, continued to address cfs concers and constantly met with un answered quiestions. During the time my son was in care there had been multiple cases where he was injured and no one knew why, he was bitten severaly by another child in the home (that went on for 8 months untill i threatened to go to the police about it. The bites where so sever they where breaking skin and leaving perm marks. At this time I was seeing my son 3 times a week for 2 hours.) I consented to the TGO and the trial judge deemed to go through with a 2 week (14 day) consent trial where it nearly went PGO due to the lack of information on CFS behalf. On day 12 my lawyer pushed for a adjournment for 3 months to be able to provide a chance for CFS to properly asses and collect information as well as for us to prove we can parent, we went back Jan 14 2016. In that 3 month period me and the father had 33 conditions to meet and compleat, I managed all but 1 before Nov. 2015. We want back to court and I had compleated or been put on the waiting list for all the conditions. The father had compleated 2, 1 was dome the night before online. The TGO was granted in my favor. We had a collabritive mental health assesment compleated shortly after that done from my errging. At the end of that assesment it was deemed my son had a sever speech delay mostly likely due to the trama of being in care, cfs was advised at that time to support and start transitioning into my care that was Feb. 2016. I went until May 2016 with 2 visits of 6 hours full suppervised. I had compleated more courses and proven myself able to parent as well as set up most apps for my son including ones cfs was to set up them selves, it was extreamly difficult to get couperation from cfs in these matters. But they where more then willing to work with my sons father who was in a domestic violance incident with a girl friend at that time infront of my son. My sons father is also a past abuser for me (domestic) where a EPO had been in place for a year. CFS finally returned my child July 13 2016 with no transition, we went from 3 days at 6 hours each half supervised to full return. Any supports in place I myself had to put in place. The first 2 months I saw my cfs worker every week (most weeks I had to contact her to make a meeting not the other way around) I had explaimed to her the issues and diffulcties I was facing with my son and asked for support in findijg new stragies to coup, and got nothing from her. I kept telling her what was going on, never hid anything. My son is already suspected ADHD, has a sever speech delay and has behaviour issues, and extream aggression towards me, all of witch cfs has documented now and before, these issues where happening in foster care. I was left to deal with a very challanging child on my own, now because I cant explain how he got the mark on his face. The one the say i hit him and have tried to couch me into saying I did, that I didnt I have NEVER hit my child nor would I. They are taking him away from me and giving him to someone they have admitted they do not know can parent and living with yet another girlfriend.
Between Dec.2014 to now I have had 5 CFS workers, 3 woods homes workers (new one I just met after a month of no contact from there end)
There is much more then this then what I have written, but I think its enough for now. I'm sharing this because I fell so unheard, and truthfully wronged. Ive survived homlessnes, sever domestic violance, more loss then I want to admit. All to give my son a better life, I've worked non stop to give him the best care. And he has been ripped from me again.
I don't know if something can or will come of this, but I truely think our child services needs to change. Families should be kept together not torn apart. And maybe one day my story will help make a change
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2013.02.26 04:33 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme and former Prime Minister of New Zealand (1999-2008). AMA!

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Date: 2013-02-25
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Questions Answers
Helen, I heard you were instrumental in getting Paul holmes his knight-hood before he passed. Under your government they abollished the titles all together and you were a real advocate for becoming a republic. Why did you push so hard when you were morally against the titles in the first place? Greetings all! Kia ora, Kiwis! IN NZ everyone knows I don'y agree with knighthoods - my government abolished them. But I do think the late Paul Holmes was worthy of a top honour.
You were considered one of the best political managers in New Zealand history from the way you ran the fifth Labour Government. How has your management style changed in the different environment of the UN? Re management style - same at UNDP as in NZ ! Stay on top of the issues, and be proactive and inclusive.
As the former Prime Minister of New Zealand what are your thoughts on Kim Dotcom and the whole Megaupload mess? While you can ask anything - don't expect me to dive back into Kiwi political debates! Been there, done that!
Round 2 from /newzealand... From mattsteroyster. What do you think of the current National Government and their policies? What opinion do you have of the current Labour Party? Any advice for them? What do you think about the Green Party, especially as Labour will need them if they wish to be re-elected? What is one bill/act/law you wanted to enact in your time as Prime Minister but couldn't/didn't? From precociousapprentice. 'What was the greatest single challenge you faced as Prime Minister of NZ, and how has this compared to the greatest single challenge in your role in the UNDP?' Re single biggest challenge - getting unemployment down and keeping it down - which I'm happy to say was achieved!
What do you think is contributing to our 7.3 % unemployment rate? and what steps could the government and the people take to create more jobs and opportunities for New Zealanders in New Zealand. NZ has firm constitutional arrangements - I don't think it necessarily needs a document titled "The Constitution". Perhaps if it changes its status from constitutional monarchy to republic one day, it will have to be more formal...
To what extent did you experience sexism and misogyny during your time as prime minister? Ididn't experience sexism and mysogyny during my time as PM -but there was a bit on the way up !
Do you think the next Secretary-General of the UN might be a woman? Yes, this is a loaded question ;) Let's hope that the glass ceiling can be broken one day!
Are Bret and Jemaine as cool in person as they seem? I guess so! Haven't met them - would be excited to!
When/where do you draw the line between a humanitarian aid-setting and the development stage? Let's see the humanitarian-development interface as a spectrum. In the context of conflict and disaster, people need food, water, shelter, and medicine. But, as soon as possible, early recovery leading to development needs to begin. Building resilience to future crisis and/or disaster is an agenda humanitarian and development actors can unite around.
Which living politician do you look up to the most? How can private corporations be roped in to help your cause? There can only be one answer - Nelson Mandela - an inspiration to all.
On the private sector, UNDP works with companies who are willing to incorporate local people and their micro businesses and SMEs into value chains - would welcome new participants in this inclusive business model work.
Do you believe it is economically feasible for all nations to have first world level development, or is the western standard of living only at the expense of less developed nations? Could technology fix this, hypothetically? The aim is for all human beings to live in dignity and have what they need for healthy and fulfilling lives. This is achievable.
Do you have a favourite inspirational quote? Favourite inspirational quote ? Never look back. Move on. Aim high. Etc.
Do you eat chups? Pommes frites ? Yes.
What was the biggest change in your life style from when you lived in NZ to moving to the United States and what do you miss the most from back here at home? Biggest change ? The difference between commuting 400 miles to work from Auckland to Wellington - and being able to walk from home to work in NY !
Greetings from Christchurch! :D. What do I miss most ? Family - but everyone is only a phone call, text, or email away.
Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! :) What do you think other nations around the world could do to work on their human freedom, as NZ has proved to be #1 in this spectrum? NZ is generally right up the top of the transparency/anti-corruption index. That rests on strong institutions and values, a free media, active civil society, and parliamentary scrutiny.
1) How do you think we as a planet are doing on the MDGs? 2) Are there any goals you think should be added to the MDGs that are not there or should be expanded on? Overall the MDGs have been a success - at the global level. But there are huge differences within countries and between countries on the rate of progress. The post-2015 agenda development should not lose sight of the unfinished MDG business, while also taking up issues which weren't fully incorporated in the MDGs we currently have.
Hi Helen I'm a New Zealand Uni student hoping one day to work somewhere in politics so this AMA is like a dream come true to me. I have so many questions but firstly I would like to to take this opportunity to give a shout out to your husband, who took the time to talk to a unimportant student (that's me) at a labour function and was honestly one of nicest and friendliest people I have ever met. My question is: How do you think we can make New Zealanders more engaged and interested in politics? We can be quite the indifferent bunch. Democracy anywhere doesn't work well if citizens are disengaged. Everyone should take an interest in the decisions before governments. Will pass on your kind words to Peter !
In any great undertaking there are always failures as well as successes. And the failures are just as important. What was UN greatest success in the area of MDGs? and what was it's greatest mistake (and what has it learned)? The greatest success was getting international buy in to the MDGs. I don't think there's a greatest mistake - just less progress on some areas than others.
Why is NZ against nuclear power so much? I understand not wanting any plants on your soil due to earthquakes and such, but why not any nuclear powered ships in your harbors, etc? There is a long history around NZ's nuclear-free status - which I fully support. Nuclear power has inherent risks - and the huge issue of dangerous waste. NZ does not need any of that.
What are your thoughts on the use of RCTs in development projects? Is there a better way to measure outcomes for the programs of UNDP? Pros and cons on randomised control trials - on the positive side, it can give information about what works. On the negative side, it's not equitable. Is it right to withhold support from one group while giving it to another to collect evidence ??? As well there is also debate about the science of this approach.
Concerning the UNDP, what comes after the Millennium Development Goals and what are your thoughts on the goals? Were they realistic to achieve? What obstacles stunted their progress? Should the international community expect MDG 2.0 in the near future? UNDP is fully involved in supporting the current global consultations and debate on the post-2015 development agenda. It should be bold and ambitious. The UN's member states will deliberate on the agenda - decisions need to be made in 2015.
What might influence New Zealand to change their non-nuclear policy? In what ways do you think New Zealand could strengthen its relationship with the US, and perhaps reengage a role in the ANZUS trilateral alliance, without budging on its nuclear policies? Nothing could - it's part of the Kiwi DNA.
What do you think of what happened to Kimdotcom? It's before the courts - no comment.
What is it so hard to find a job at UNDP? Do you share your personal email address that I can reach you? Thanks. UNDP jobs are all advertised - follow @UNDPJobs on Twitter and follow the UNDP website.
As a uni student looking to work in the development field and perhaps even the U.N. after graduation, what do you see as the best way to introduce myself to field? and where should I start in order to increase my chances at job opportunities in the international development field? Apply widely; be prepared to work in places off the beaten track...
What are your views about the MDGs. Are they realistic and can be achieved within the timeframe?? The MDGs are global goals - therefore more easily achieved by some countries than others - but they do set basic development benchmarks which are vital for all to achieve.
New Zealand was recently awarded the #1 spot on the CPI by What did you personally do in order to diminish corruption in New Zealand to a non-existant level? I answered the NZ transparency achievement issue earlier.
The UNDP has been tasked with the MDG and attempting to see their fulfillment. Now, you have two years before the original timeline is past and there is almost nothing to show for it. Do you feel like the MDGs were put in place as a way to bring attention to the issues, or was it a realistic goal at the time to complete as many of these goals as possible within the 20 years? On the MDGs, there is an enormous amount to show for all the effort!
Do you think monitoring and evaluation part of MDGs needs improvement? In general everyone involved in development needs to improve the design of initiatives so that the intended outcomes are clear, and then be able to monitor, evaluate, and report on progress towards those.
On the MDGs, more than 400 national-level MDG reports have been published.
Thank you for doing this. I am currently working on my Master's Dissertation on using sport as the vehicle for development programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. From your experience as Administrator, do you feel that this is nothing more than a "vogue" idea that wil fade in the coming years or do you think that through assistance from wealthy sports clubs around the world that such programs could succeed and foster peaceful development for communities though a shared love of sport (football (soccer), basketball, etc.)? Sport is definitely a vehicle for development - teaches teamwork, discipline, dedication, setting and achieving goals and more. Women's sports can promote empowerment of women and girls. See Link to
What reforms do you think are necessary in the UN structure and administration to make it a more effective governing body for fighting poverty? It's important for the UN development system to deliver in a co-ordinated and coherent way - this is a work in progress.
Could you please arrange for the 60 members of the New Zealand Youth Choir to sing at the UN when it is in New York on tour on 5 and 6 December 2013? Roger Lloyd, Chief Executive, Choirs Aotearoa NZ Trust, [email protected] Can you work through the New Zealand Permanent Mission to the UN and Ambassador Jim McLay ?
Do you think MDGs may be aligned to the needs of a country like Pakistan? Yes - the MDGs are highly relevant to advancing human development in Pakistan. They are incorporated in Pakistan's national development and poverty reduction strategies.
In your opinion, what are the main reasons of failure of MDGs and what changes are being introduced for the success this time? Overall the MDGs have been a success, and have energised development around the world.
In countries experiencing conflict or post-conflict fragility, however, it's very hard to progress the MDGs, or development in general. See my Oxford lecture of 2 weeks ago on conflict and development - it's on the UNDP website.
As well strong leadership and champions are important in driving MDG achievement. Funding helps too!
Dear Mrs. Clark, You visited Croatia recently. Have you been informed about violance of human rights of Serbian population there? More than 250.000 Serbian souls were expelled from their homes, they are facing problems with their schools accreditation, they are not allowed to use their cyrilic alphabet, Croatia moves to revoke ID cards of Serb refugees, Croatia celebrates the biggest ethnic cleansing in Europe as National Holiday. What do you intend to do about it? War anywhere often sees human rights violations on both sides. War is to be avoided at all costs, anywhere, any time.
What are your thoughts on the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly? The UN and parliamentary organisations do link closely. As it stands, the UN is a member-state based assembly - at which governments represent countries.
Out of 10, how many points would you give the world for its performance on the MDGs? 7.5/10 to date ! But we can achieve more in the last 1,000 days !!! Help make it happen ! That's what the Bogota conference is about. Please promote MDG acceleration via Twitter #MDGs2013 and @UNDP - and to Link to which will have livestreaming from the Bogota conference from Wednesday morning.
Do the the threats of cutting foreign aid in the American government's budget worrying? As an American, there are a small but very vocal minority here who see the U.N. as some sort of dastardly, sovereignty-stealing organization and this attitude is concerning. USA must make its own decisions. Secretary of State John Kerry recently made a powerful case for supporting development co-operation.
Given that Climate Change is expected to effect populations in the developing world the worst, in what way is your organization taking to address that? UNDP is very involved with strategies and practical action to address climate change - check out the website - Link to www.undp.or - I've given a lot of speeches on the subject and on sustainable debelopment generally.
As you were in charge during the infamous 'Urak-hai' insurgancy of the early 2000's, as New Zealand has managed to achieve peace and stability do you not think you are a more appropriate candidate to get peace in the middle east than Tony Blair? Haven't heard of that one !
Many people still do not know much about the MDGs. How can we make sure that more people are aware of what should happen after 2015, with the post MDGs bechmarks? We have to keep promoting achievement of and knowledge of the MDGs - and of the process being followed in developing the post-2015 agenda. Go to Link to and follow @UNDP on Twitter and other Un organisations to keep up with the latest.
I guess you could consider this question a bit off topic, but It's eventually my goal to work for the United Nations, and I was wondering if you had any advice for young professionals hoping to get into this area of work? Follow the job sites - opportunities across the board.
What's the word on the implimintation process of agenda 21 or what's now called rio +20. Agenda 21 promulgated at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio inspired people for two decades. Last year's Rio+20 takes it forward.
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